Results Athletics 28th SEA Games Singapore 2015

>> June 09, 2015

28th Southeast Asian Games, 6-12 June 2015 at Singapore


100 Metres (  9)
Heat 1 (+0.3)
1. Eric Cray PHI 10.28 (NR)
2. Jirapong Meenapra THA 10.42
3. Iswandi INA 10.43
4. Muhd Amiruddin Jamal SIN 10.49
5. Mohd Izzuddin Yahaya MAS 10.61
6. Mohd Asy Syafie Bohari BRU 10.67
7. Sengphet Phomphady LAO 11.34
Iswandi has a good start and led the field before the US-based athlete Cray moved to a higher gear to give him a clear lead and finished in a fast time of 10.28. It was another NR by Cray after breaking the Philippine NR 10.45 with 10.33 in the USA recently, although he looks "jogging" in the last 20 metres. Defending champion Meenapra was struggle with his first half but managed to return his pace with a more controlled cadence and finished slightly ahead of Iswandi. The race between Meenapra dn Iswandi exactly replicated their final race of previous SEA Games.

Heat 2 (0.0)
1. Yaspi Bobi INA 10.48
2. Calvin Kang Li Loong SIN 10.50
3. Mohd Fakhri Ismail BRU 10.59
4. Le Trong high VIE 10.59
5. Nixson Kennedy MAS 10.65
6. Nget Phearath CAM 10.87
7. Khentan One LAO 11.59

Stuart celebrates his win together with a compatriot Ferrera (photo by Sha @ SAA)

Hammer Throw (  9)
1. Caleb Stuart PHI 65.63 (GR)
2. Tantipong Phetchaiya THA 61.62
3. Jackie Wong Siew Cheer MAS 61.18
4. Arniel Ferrera PPHI 60.08
5. Kittipong Boonmawan THA 58.30
6. Aung Ye Thet MYA 50.31 (NR)
Foul with his first attempt and followed by a registered throw of 57.75, but the Phil-Am athlete Stuart prove to be too good for the rest of ASEAN-based throwers. His best throw of 65.63 from third attempt is over 4 metres further than silver medalist and is a new GR by 2.40m. Phetchaiya has  a consistent form with all the six attempts by the defending champion exceeded 59.56.

Heat 1 of women's 100m, Husniah (lane 3), Kayla (lane 4)


100 Metres (  9)
Heat 1 (0.0)
1. Zaidatul Husniah Zulkifli MAS 11.69
2. Kayla Richardson PHI 11.70
3. Luu Kim Phung VIE 11.73
4. Veronica Shanti Pereira SIN 11.82
5. Tri Setyo Utami INA 11.88
6. Kwanruethai Pakdee THA 12.03
Husniah's quick start gave her a clear lead before the US-based sprinter Richardson whose start was poor but possess strong finish reduced the gap in the last metres.

Heat 2 (0.0)
1. Tassaporn Wannakit THA 11.68
2. Princess Joy Griffey PHI 11.83
3. Nguyen Thi Oang VIE 11.89
4. Serafi Anlies Unani INA 11.99
5. Komalam Shally Selveratnam MAS 12.08
6. Wendy Enn SIN 12.40
Wannakit cruises to the line and won her race easily, a possible gold medal run.

Hammer Throw (  9)
1. Mingkamon Koomphon THA 56.57 (GR)
2. Panwat Gimsrang THA 55.47
3. Grace Wong Xiu Mei MAS 53.80
4. Casier Renee Kelly Lee MAS 50.78
5. Zar M Soe MYA 43.99
6. Paosavad Phonexai LAO 31.26
Grace Wong led the field with her throw of 53.80 in first attempt, but the 15-year-old unable to improve the mark while the two Thai throwers Koomphon and Gimsrang found their best rhythm to throw further. Both made their third attempts of 54.57 and 54.29, respectively, which were already 1-2 for Thailand and again improved to their competition best throws in the fifth attempts.

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