Christophe Lemaitre's 9.95s 100m Stockholm Video

>> June 19, 2011

About two weeks ago, Christophe Lemaitre eclipsed the European U-23 and French national record in the 100m with 9.96s. And he once again breaks the two records concurrently with an impressive 9.95s (+1.0) in a race which saw him beaten the 100m specialist Dwain Chambers in second place (10.07s). It was during the 2011 European Team Championship in Stockholm yesterday (June 18, 2011).

But it was not only that, he has becomes the third fastest man in Europe, behind only Portugal's Francis Obikwelu (9.86s - 2004) and British's Linford Christie (9.87s - 1993). It was also the third fastest time by a European since 2004.

He ran a very-controlled speed,  explosive starts, smart clearance,  good acceleration, smooth transition and strong top speed. Everything seems perfect. And of course, that is the only way to break personal best.

Sub-10s is no longer a magical barrier for Lemaitre, he has been very consistent at 9.9-10.0s over the last three years. Lemaitre opens the 2011 season with 10.00s in May 26, and then running against Yohan Blake in June 07, clocking 9.96s.

But remember, there are plenty of sprint monsters out there!. And don't forget Justin Gatlin of USA who set 9.97s earlier this month also improving, as well as Richard Thompson of Trinidad and Tobago and Nickel Ashmeade of Jamaica. I've no complaint at all when Lemaitre announced to concentrate only the 200m in the World championships. Lemaitre is NOT in the TOP 10 lists so far this year:

9.79 Tyson Gay (USA) Clermont on June 04
9.80 Steve Mullings (JAM) Eugene Diamond League on June 04
9.85 Mike Rodgers (USA) Eugene Diamond League on June 04
9.89 Ngonidzashe
Makusha (ZIM) NCAA on June 10
9.91 Usain Bolt (JAM) Rome Diamond League on May 26
9.92 Nesta Carter (JAM) Eugene Diamond League on June 04
9.93 Keston Bledman (TRI) Clermont on May 04
9.93 Asafa Powell (JAM) Rome Diamond League on May 26

9.94 Darvis Patton (USA) Eugene Diamond League on June 04
9.94 Michael Frater (JAM) Eugene Diamond League on June 04

9.95 Christophe Lemaitre (FRA) Stockholm on June 18

Christophe Lemaitre's 9.95s (French National Record, European U-23 Record) Video


Charlie Francis Workout - Sample Training Microcycle

>> June 16, 2011

Charlie Francis was a sprint specialist and widely regarded as one of the greatest track and field coaches of all-time. Charlie was best known as the coach of renowned 1980's Canadian sports stars such as Ben Johnson, Desai William, Tony Sharpe, Mark McKoy, and Angella Issajenko. He had been coaching Ben Johnson for 12 years.

The key of a good training program is "effectiveness" and it must be tailored to the athletes' specific needs. Modification is crucial to suit to the needs and to be also implemented within a systematic training plan. This is because different people respond differently and you (coach) must consider this if you want your athletes to break personal records.

Charlie recommended a weekly training (microcycle) plan that consists of three speed work sessions (including the acceleration and blocks), three weights sessions, and one special endurance session. This is however not meant to be duplicated blindly or done all year round.

Here is a sample training microcycle for the well-conditioned sprinters that may be done immediately prior to competition period (winter).

2 x 50 meters strides
2-4 x 30 meters relaxed start (no blocks)
4-8 x 60 meters fast runs from blocks
Full rest between reps.
Jumping exercises and bounding for strength, and weights.

TUESDAY: Tempo work
1st set 100 + 100 + 100 (meters)
2nd set 100 + 200 + 100 + 100 (meters)
3rd set 100 + 100 + 200 + 200 (meters)
4th set 100 + 200 + 100 + 100 (meters)
5th set 100 + 100 + 100 (meters)
* relaxed runs
(+ = walk 50 meters, walk 100 meters between sets)

2 x 50 meters strides
2-4 relaxed starts
2-4 x 30 meters fast starts
Special endurance runs 2 to 3 reps over 200m.

Repeat Tuesday OR
8 x 200 meters relaxed
* Use this as a recovery day - very easy

2 x 50 meters strides
2-4 relaxed starts
6-8 x 30 meters fast starts
2 x 60 meters from blocks (high speed)
2sets x 2reps x 60 meters (not all out - smooth)
Rest Interval- walk equal distance between each repetition

Cancel the Friday's workout if competing on Saturday. Thursday's training remains the same.

Source: Training for Speed by Charlie Francis
Recommended reading: Speed Trap by Charlie Francis


Ngonidzashe Makusha of Zimbabwe - 100m 9.89s and Long Jump 8.40m

>> June 14, 2011

50% off Select Track Equipment!I used to say this guy just run a fluke 9.97s in April 2011 with a tailwind of +2.0, just inside of the allowed limit.

But Ngonidzashe Makusha of Zimbabwe (Florida State University) is now rose to stardom after a golden leap of 8.40m (+0.0) in the long jump during the NCAA Championships in Des Moines, Iowa, and eclipsed his old NR mark 8.30m.

A day later he proved to the World that a 9.97s' run in April was only a warm-up race heading this champs where he clocked a very respected time of 9.89s with moderate wind +1.3. He also broke the NCAA record 9.92s set by Ato Boldon in 1996.

Sorry Usain Bolt, but Makusha had just moved you to no fifth now (as of June 12, 2011). Tyson Gay still the lead (9.79s), followed by Steve Mullings (9.80s) and Mike Rodgers (9.85s).

Behind Makusha in the 100m was Mookie Salaam (Rakieem 'Mookie" Mustafa Allah "Salaam") who broke the 10s barrier for the first time in 9.97s, the 79th sprinter slipped sub 10s. Third place went to Maurice Mitchell in 10.00s.

Following the 2 gold medals victory, Makusha has becomes one of the only four athletes to win the double (100m & Long Jump) at the NCAA championships. The three others are DeHart Hubbard (1925) Jesse Owens (1935 & 1936) , and Carl Lewis (1981). Owens and Lewis requires no introduction!. DeHart is the first blacks athlete to win an inividual gold medal at the Olympic Games (Long Jump 7.89m - 1924 in Paris).

Ngonidzashe Makusha's Biodata

Full Name: Ngonidzashe Makusha
Date of Birth: 11 March 1987
Nationality: Zimbabwean
Height: 1.78 m
Weight: 73 kg 
Events: 100 metres, Long Jump
Personal Bests: 100m 9.89s (10.06.2011) NR, Long Jump 8.40m (09.06.2011) NR
Major Achievement:
Olympic Games 2008 - 4th in Long Jump (8.19m)

Ngonidzashe Makusha's 9.89s NCAA Championships Video


Malaysia Athletics Results No 4 , 2011: IV SIPMA, 5th Sabah Games, Taiwan Open, Philippines Open

>> June 12, 2011

Malaysian Athletics Results No 4 / 2011
Compiled by By Jad Adrian (T&F Statistician)

20 – 24 May, Ipoh; Malaysian Schools Championships 

Male Junior (18 & under and open category); 
(21) 100m: 1, Muhamad Amirul Mukimin Mohd Yusmiza, Pah, 10.93s (& 1s2, 10.96s). 2, Sebastian Lee Azcona, Sab, 10.96s (& 1s1, 10.99s). 3, Mohammad Daniel Mokhtar, Sel, 10.99s.
(24) 200m: 1, Sebastian Lee Azcona, Sab, 22.00s (& 1s2, 22.38s on 23/5). 2, Muhamad Amirul Mukimin Mohd Yusmiza, Pah, 22.19s. 3, Ramuh Revin, Kul, 22.23s. 4, Mohammad Arif Zulhilmi Alet, Sar, 22.32s (& 1s1, 22.38s on 23/5).
(20) 400m: 1, Mohammad Arif Zulhilmi Alet, Sar, 49.06s (1s1, 49.75s). 2, Ramuh Revin, Kul, 49.30s (1s2, 50.53s). 3, Bovern Suchart Arromrak, Kul, 50.02s (2s1, 50.27s). 4, Muhammad Ikhwan Safwan Zainudin, Ter, 50.29. SF: 2s2, farhan, 50.57. 1s3, dinesh 50.57s.
(21) 800m: 1, Tan Wei Heng, Ked, 1:56.24s (& 1s2, 1:59.10s on 21/5). 2, Kanison Kartiresan, Pah, 1:56.50s. 3, Victor Ravintharan Jeventhiran, Prk, 1:57.35s. 4, Jayasangkar Nagendran, Ked, 2:00.90s. 2s2, Murugan Yogendran, Prk, 2:00.62s on 21/5.
Note: Tan Wei Heng is the first and the only Malaysian chinese to dip below 2:00 in the past several years.
(20) 1500m: 1, Tan Wei Heng, Ked, 4:06.74s. 2, Sivamani Saranraj, Pah, 4:10.63s. 3, Victor Ravintharan Jeventhiran, 4:14.41s. 4, Muniandy Yoganeswaran, 4:15.21s.
(22) 5000m: 1, Tan Wei Heng, Ke, 16:12.27s.
(24) 3000m STP: 1, Sivamani Saranraj, Pah, 9:59.21s. 2, Somunaidu Krishnan, Prk, 10;10.72s. 3, Muniyappan Vinoth, Joh, 10:15.15s. 4, Cheluverraja Saravanan Kumar, Mal, 10:15.24s. 5, Kalimuthu Vicneswaran, Sel, 10:19.02s.
(22) 110mh (0.99m): 1, Alif Ashraf Mohd Razali, Sel, 14.36s (& 1s2, 14.43s on 21/5). 2, Ahmad Solehin Aziz, Ked, 14.88s. 3, Sharulijam Asran, Sab, 14.94s. 4, Mohd Amirul Hamid, Joh, 14.96s. 5, Mohamad Hasrul Abd Rahman, Joh, 14.99s.
(23) 400mh: 1, Mohd Firdaus Musa, Per, 55.00s. 1s2, Mohamed Farhan Hafsyam Zahid, Joh, 55.69s on 22/5.
(23) High Jump: 1, Muhammed Ashraf Saipu Rahman, Ter, 2.01m. 2, Mohd Azly Ghazali, Sel, 1.98m.
(21) Pole Vault: 1, Mohd Faizul Mohd Lazim, Prk, 4.50m. 2, Iskandar Alwi, Joh, 4.40m.
(22) Long Jump: 1, Mohamed Fahmi Meslan, Joh, 7.05m. 2, Lim Wooi Chew, Pen, 7.04m.
(20) Triple Jump: 1, Lim Wooi Chew, Pen, 14.79m. 2, Jvan De Jvender Johwas, Sab, 14.53m. 3, Nik Lukmanul Hakim Nik Yahya, Kel, 14.27m. 4, Muhammad Sazwan Zakaria, Joh, 14.20m.
(22) 4x100m: 1, MSS Sarawak Team, 42.21s. 2, MSS Selangor Team, 42.45s.

Male Youth (15 and under);
(20) 400m: 1, Ku Amir Syazwan Ku Sharif, Ked, 50.27s.
(20) 10,000m walk: 1, Muhamad Syahmi Mohammad Syukri, Prk, 50:13.00s. 2, Rajan Deren Eswaran, Nse, 50:30.07s. 3, Mohamad Shamrin Mohd Aris, Prk, 52:34.18s.

Female Junior (18 & under and open category); 
(21) 100m: 1, Stefbilce Sandy Stephen, Sab, 12.39s (& 1s2, 12.64s). 2, Jarmella Washif, Sab, 12.74s. 3, Sharifah Shatrah Razali, Kel, 12.83s. 4, Khairunadiah Mohd Khir, Joh, 12.84s).
(24) 200m: 1, Stefbilce Sandy Stephen, Sab, 25.69s (& 1s1, 26.33s on 23/5). 2, Sharifah Shatrah Razali, Kel, 25.90s. 1
(20) 400m: 1, Sharifah Shatrah Razali, Kel, 59.76s (& 1s1, 60.70s). 2, Fazila Umirah Mazlan, Ter, 60.45s. 3, Herma Nurul Ain Yusof, Ter, 60.52s (& 3s1, 61.43s). 4, Eugenia Edwin Galan, Sel, 61.12s (& 2s1, 61.28s). 5, Wong Pui Yee, Kul, 61.22s.
(23) 800m: 1, Nik Norzilawatie Nik Wil, Kel, 2:25.38s (& 1s2, 2:32.18s on 21/5s). 2, Nurhidayah Ahmad, Ked, 2:27.41s (& 2s2, 2:32.19s on 21/5). 3, Appadorey Viyiyah, Prk, 2:29.66s (& 1s1, 2:30.53s on 21/5). 4, Lung Kye Chin, Kul, 2:31.78s. 5, Tok Swee Tee, Ter, 2:31.14s. 6, Suraya Mahasin, Sab,  2:32.76s. 3s2, Norfazira Asmadi Harjono, Sab, 2:32.52s on 21/5. 4s2, Tok Swee Tee, Ter, 2:32.71s on 21/5. 5s2, Lung Kye Chin, Kul, 2:32.87s on 21/5.
(20) 1500m: 1, Nik Norzilawatie Nik Wil, Kel, 5:09.93s. 2, Somusundram Prishelia Dewi, 5:14.05s. 3, Boopathy Malini, Joh, 5:15.32s. 4, Balasubramaniam Praymane, 5:20.25s.
(22) 3000m: 1, Anies Zarryna Amdan, Ter, 11:15.92s. 2, Nur Aisyah Ahmat, Sar, 11:25.82s. 3, Boopathy Malini, Joh, 11:28.92s. 4, Parthiban Shalani, Pen, 11:51.23s. 5, Balasubramaniam, Pen, 11:51.23s. 6, Mastulrina Daut, Sar, 11:51.85s. 7, Arumugam Previna, Pah, 11:51.92s.
(22) 100mh: 1, Nur Amanina Tugimin, Kul, 15.50s (& 2s1, 15.96s on 21/5). 2, Leong Ann Gie, Sel, 15.54s (& 1s1, 15.70s on 21/5).
(23) 400mh: 1, Leong Ann Gie, Sel, 65.71s. 2, Farinah Basirin, Sab, 66.81s. 3, Herma Nurul Ain Yusuf, Ter, 66.91s.
(20) High Jump: 1, Mahendran Shandyiani, Sel, 1.63m. 2, Puteri Nur Liyana, Ked, 1.55m. 3, Yap Sean Yee, Kul, 1.55m. 4, Glanti Francis, Sar, 1.50m.
(22) Pole Vault: 1, Jasmine Cheah Kar Munn, Kul, 3.20m. 2, Norezatti Shasha Mohama Rosli, Nse, 2.90m. 3, Shee Foo Ling, Joh, 2.80m. 4, Valerie Tan Ee Leen, Mal, 2.70m. 5, Ruminh Ahmad, Nse, 2.60m.
(22) Long Jump: 1, Ramiza Syakri, Joh, 5.44m. 2, Analydia Tinggi, Sab, 5.20m.
(21) Triple Jump: 1, Ramiza Syakri, Joh, 11.67m. 2, Farah Aiza Mohd Fazlee, Mal, 11.18m. 3, Ana Lydia Tinggi, Sab, 10.84m. 4, Priscilla Hui Tze Sun, Sar, 10.78m.
(22) Shot Put: 1, Annbella Bong Lu Na, Sar, 11.01m. 2, Bibi Nuraishah Ishak, Kel, 10.85m.
(23) Discus Throw: 1, Loo Li Jun, Sar, 37.01m. 2, Bibi Nuraishah Ishak, Kel, 32.48m. 3, Choo Kang Ni, Joh, 32.48m. 4, Annbella Bong Lu Na, Sar, 31.02m.
(21) Hammer Throw: 1, Tiong Mee Yien, Sar, 40.00m. 2, Nurshafina Hasnol, Mal, 34.09m.
(22) Javelin Throw: 1, Norfadilah Zaini, Ked, 34.87s.
(24) 5000m walk: 1, Pua Ling En, Joh, 27:58.59s. 2, Nurebana Tashia Oseman, Sar, 27:59.91s. 3, Nur Aisyah Ahmat, Sar, 28:01.27s. 4, Loganathan Sanggitha, Pah, 28:46.14s. 5, Cheng Hui Yan, Sel, 29:03.63s. 6, Nur Shahfika Zanudin, Kel, 29:15.20s. 7, Efera Ejim. Sab, 29:17.52s.
(22) 4x100m: 1, MSS Sabah Team, 49.58s. 2, MSS Johore Team, 49.93s.

Female Youth (15 and under); 
(21) 100m: 1, Mahafizatul Abdul Manaf, Pah, 12.84s (& 1s1, 12.87s)
(20) 400m: 1, Ariana Murminda Arifin, Sar, 59.76s (& 1s2, 61.57s). 2, Layalia Rameli, Ter, 59.93s (& 1s3, 61.05s). 3, Chan Yi Jing, Joh, 61.60s. 4, Saidatul Izatti Suhaimi, Prk, 61.64s.
(23) 800m: 1, Anies Zarryna Amdan, Ter, 2:22.84s (& 1s1, 2:27.75s on 21/5). 2, Faradilah Raznie, Sar, 2:26.23s. 3, Salesnella Gabi, Sab, 2:27.94s. 4, Cheong Han Yi, Sel, 2:32.20s. 2s1, Nurfathiah Najaa Zolkepli, Joh, 2:32.68s on 21/5.
(20) 1500m: 1, Anies Zarryna Amdan, Ter, 5:14.56s. 2, Faradilah Raznie, Sar, 5:18.25s. 3, Mastulrina Daut, Sar, 5:19.16s.
(21) 100mh: 1, Nursyafiqah Anis Abu Bakar, Joh, 14.89s (& 1s1, 15.32s). 2, Juraini Mat Rozi, Prk, 14.89s. 3, Hezerina Raranis, Sab, 15.92s.
(21) High Jump: 1, Chang Shing Yin, Sar, 1.53m. 2, Nur Syahira Md Osman, Prk, 1.53m.
(24) Long Jump: 1, Noor Shahidatun Nadia, Ked, 5.55m. 2, Nurul Atiqah Sukur, Sab, 5.22m.
(20) Triple Jump: 1, Noor Shahidatun Nadia, Ked, 12.15m. 2, Nur Salwana Salman, Joh, 11.21m. 3, Nurul Atiqah Sukur, Sab, 10.90m.
(24) Shot Put: 1, Chin Poh Kuan, Pah, 10.93m.
(23) Discus Throw: 1, Queenie Ting Kung Ni, Sar, 34.56m. 2, Chin Poh Kuan, Pah, 32.48m. 3, Nur Amalina Ibrahim, Mal, 30.72m
(24) 3000m walk: 1, Elena Goh Ling Yin, Kul, 14:49.36s. 2, Banended Limau Saing, Sar, 16:29.56s.

23-26 May, Bacolod PHI: Philippines Open Track and Field Meet

(24) 100m final: (-0.4) 1, Eddie Edwards Jr, 11.09s.
(23) 400m final: 4, Pang Tsun Koh, Sab, 50.50s (& 3s1, 50.56s).
(23) 110mh final: (+0.2) 1, Rayzam Shah Wan Sofian, 14.1s (14.09h).
(25) 400mh final: 2, Pang Tsun Koh, 55.47s.
(24) 4x100m final: 3, Kota Kinabalu City Team (Rayzam Shah, Hafifie Febryan, Fahrul Nazri, Eddie Edwards), 42.10s.

(25) Long Jump/junior: (-1.1) 1, Merrey Gabali, 5.29m.
(26) Triple Jump/junior: (-0.7) 2, Merrey Gabali, 10.95m.

27-28 May, Kaohsiung TPE: Chinese Taipei track and Field Meet

(28) 110mh final: (+0.7) 4, Mohd Robani Hassan, 14.39s (& +0.6, 1s2, 14.30s). 6, Mohd Rohaizad Jamil, 14.70s (& 0.0, 2s1, 14.57s).
(28) High Jump: 3, A. Kavee Alagan, 2.08m. 4, R. Nauraj Singh, 2.05m. Women;
(28) 3000m Steeplechase: 3, Melinder Kaur Ragbir Singh, 11:06.90s.
(28) 100mh: (+0.7) 4, Raja Nursheena Raja Azhar, 14.06s. (& +0.5, 2s2, 14.16s)
(28) Discus Throw: 5, Yap Jeng Tzan, 43.69m.

01 June, Dessau GER

400m hurdles: 3, Noraseela Mohd Khalid, 58.49s.

02 June, St. Poelten AUT 

Hammer Throw: 4, Tan Song Hwa, 54.03m.

05 June, Putrajaya: New Balance Pacesetter 15km

1, John Kiprop Samoei, Kenya, 50:05.38s. 2,Willy Kipkemboi Rotich, Kenya, 50:06.74s.

1, Noor Amelia Musa, Kul, 1:03:39s

07, 08 & 10 June, Keningau; 5th Sabah Games (SAGA 2011) 

(08) 100m: (-1.7) 1, Eddie Edwards Jr, Sab, 11.07s.
(10) 200m: 1, Eddie Edwards, Sab, 22.28s. 2, Anchois Arron, Sab, 22.30s.
(10) 400m: 1, Anchois Arron, Sab, 49.58s.
(08) Long Jump: 1, El Said Del Aziz, Sab, 6.93m.
(10) Triple Jump: 1, Jvan De Jvender Johwas, Sab, 14.93m. 2, El Sai Abdel Aziz, Sab, 14.83m. 3, Jonathan Wong Kar Gee, Sab, 14.39m.
(10) Shot Put: 1, Max Anzie Jetol, Sab, 12.71m.
(08) Discus Throw: 1, Jerome Chong Tze Loong, 36.82m.
(08) 4x100m: 1, Keningau Team, 42.95s. 2, Dewan Bandaraya Kota Kinabalu Team, 42.96s.

(10) 400m: , Emmy Ahkim, Sab, 59.66s. 2, Siti Nursyafiqah Idayu Malimar, Sab, 60.88s. 3, Farinah Basirin, Sab, 61.37s.
(08) 800m: 1, Salesnella Gabi, Sab, 2:32.34s.
(07) 400mh: 1, Emmy Ahkim, Sab, 65.64s. 2, Farinah Basirin, Sab, 66.08s.
(08) Long Jump: 1, Nurul Atiqah Syukur, Sab, 5.50m. 2, Analydia Tinggi, Sab, 5.29m.
(10) Triple Jump: 1, Merrey Gabali, Sab, 11.25m. 2, Analydia Tinggi, Sab, 11.19m. 3, Nor Aqila Nasimin, Sab, 11.04m. 4, Heysa Marsa Japiring, Sab, 10.92m. 5, Nurul Atiqah, Sab, 10.92m.
(08) High Jump: 1, Hezerina Raranis, Sab, 1.50m. 2, Rallesty Ozzty Onduk, Sab, 1.50m.
(08) Discuss Throw: 1, Froneka Mail, Sab, 30.29m.
(08) 4x100m: 1, Penampang Team, 51.71s.

08 June, Kessel GER; International Meeting 

400mh: 6, Noraseela Mohd Khalid, 58.73s.

08-10 June, Krubong; 4th Malaysian Edutional Institution Games (SIPMA)

(09) 100m: 1, Sebastian Lee Azcona, 10.92s (& 1s2, 10.94s). 2, Mohd Haniff Zani, 11.11s. 3, Khairul Azraf Amran,11.18s (& 2s2 11.16s). 4, Mohd Amirul Mukimin Mohd Yusmiza, 11.19s (& 2s1 11.08s). SF best; 1s1, Mohd Azhar Md Ismail, 10.72s (DQ False-started at finals).
(10) 200m: 1s1, Mohd Azhar Md Ismail, 21.80s (final: 1, 22.74s). 1s2, Mohd Helmi Ahmad, 22.28s (final: 4, 23.13s). 2s1, Sebastian Lee Azcona 22.29s (final: 2, 22.89s). 2s2, Mohd Amir Fakhri Ismail, 22.42s (final: 3, 23.07s). Note: semifinals and final rounds only 40 minutes apart !!
(08) 400m: 1, Paneerselvam Yuvaaraj, 47.83s (& 2s1, 50.08s). 2, Mohd Amir Fakhri Ismail, 48.41s (& 1s1, 50.03s). 3, Muhamad Yunus Lasaleh, 48.74s (& 3s1, 50.14s). 4, Mohd Arif Zulhilmi Alet, 49.19s. 5, Revin Ramuh, 49.99s (& 4s1, 50.64). 6, Muhamad Fikri Rosli, 50.91s.
(09) 800m: 1, Paneerselvam Yuvaaraj, 1:58.05s. 2, Kanison Kathiresan, 1:58.65s. 3, Muhamad Yunus Lasaleh, 1:59.09s. 4, Victor Jeeventhiran, 1:59.15s. 5, Supramaniam Vignesh, 1:59.94s. 6, Fredolin Florian, 2:00.07s.
(09) 1500m: 1, Sivamani Saranraj, 4:10.96s. 2, Victor Jeeventhiran, 4:10.99s. 3, Punusamy Kalidasan, 4:14.10s. 4, Thuraija Narendran, 4:16.17s.
(10) 5000m: 1, Ahmad Luth Hamizan, 16:27.94s.
(09) 3000m Steeplechase: 1, Jayamaran Karthik, 9:32.44s. 2, Ahmad Luth Hamizan, 9:38.89s. 3, Sivamani Saranraj, 10:23.46s.
(08) 110mh: 1, Mohd Ajmal Aiman Mat Hassan, 14.32s (& 1s1, 15.01s). 2, Rohaizad Jamil, 14.56s (& 2s1, 15.28s). 3, Muhamad Syazwan Ramlan, 15.49s.
(09) 400mh: 1, Mohd Baihaqi Razlan, 52.94s. 2, Mohd Firdaus Musa, 54.97s. 3, Mohammad Hazwan Abd Rahman, 55.83s. 4, Chen Fan Wah, 55.96s.
(08) Pole Vault: 1, Iskandar Alwi, 4.72m. 2, Mohd Fahme Zamzam Mohamad, 4.30m. 3, Muhammad Iqbal Hakim Mustafa Kamal, 4.10m. 4, Rafiuddin Che Omar, 4.00m.
(09) High Jump: 1, Subramaniam Navin Raj. 2.05m. 2, Muhammad Ashraf Saipu Rahman, 1.98m.
(09) Triple Jump: 1, Mohd Hakimi Ismail, 15.72m. 2, Mohd Ammar Fitri Zainol, 15.68m.
(08) Shot put: 1, Mohd Alif Hanif Mohd Afandi, 13.43m. 2, Tan Liat Wern, 12.25m. 3, Mohd Azwan Fahmi Zuhairi, 11.98m.
(10) Discus Throw: 1, Mohd Azwan Fahmi Zuhairi, 37.54m. 2, Mohd Alif Hanif Mohd Affandi, 35.72m. 3, Muhammad Irfan Shamsudin, 35.53m.
(08) Javelin Throw: Daveera Sali Liau, 52.22m.
(08) 5000m Walk: 1, Muhd Syahmi Mohd Syukri Tai, 24:41.2s. 2, Tineskumar Nagalingam, 24:46.7s. 3, Muhammad Shahman Shahfiq Ramli, 27:01.7s. 4, Morris Midin, 35:51.5s. 5, Gaindasamy Sashitharan, 36:06.8S.
(08) 4x100m: 1, Malaysian Schools Team, 41.41s. 2, MSIPGM Team, 41.87s. 3, MASKOM Team, 41.96s. 4, Malaysian University Team, 42.72s. 5, MSPM Team, 42.91s.
(09) 4x400m: 1, Malaysian Schools Team, 3:18.54s. 2, MSPM Team, 3:21.47s. 3, Malaysian University Team, 3:22.62s.


Twin sisters Z. Husna & Husniah
(09) 100m: 1, Zaidatul Husna Zulkifli, 12.37s (& 1s1, 12.49s). 2, Zaidatul Husnia Zulkifli, 12.44s (& 1s1, 12.30s). 3, Lee Jia Qin, 12.64s (& 2s1, 12.53s). SF; 3s1 Masliza Sulaiman (4, 13.08s).
(10) 200m: 1, Zaidatul Husniah Zulkifli, 25.15s (1s2, 26.20s). 2, Zaidatul Husna Zulkifli, 25.38s. 3, Lee Jia Qin, 26.26s.
Note: Zaidatul Husna & Husniah are a pair of twins. Both have won the 100m and 200m respectively then teamed up in the 4x100m for another gold medal. Without doubt, they’re the fastest twins in Southeast Asia (maybe Asia?) for combined 100m & 200m sprints!!.
(08) 400m: 1, Nurasyikin Mohd Rashid, 59.00s (& 1s1, 59.83s). 2, Sharifah Shatrah Razali, 62.94s (& 1s2, 62.18s). 3, Ong Pei Si, 63.64s. 4, Arujunan Kalaigrasi, 63.81s.
(09) 800m: 1, Nik Norzilawatie Nik Wil, 2:27.19s.
(09) 1500m: 1, Nik Norzilawatie Nik Wil, 5:08.00s.
(08) 3000m: 1, Boopathy Malini, 11:53.39s. 2, Hamidah Abu, 12:25.73s.
(08) 100mh: 1, Nurfazlinda Syafie, 14.88s. 2, Ku Munirah Ku Zamzuri, 14.99s. 3, Norhafiza Che Ishak, 15.65s.
(09) 400mh: 1, Wong Pui Yee, 66.25s. 2, Leong Ann Gie, 68.03s.
(08) High Jump: 1, Norliyana Kamaruddin, 1.70m. 2, Wong Boon Syian, 1.65m. 3, M. Shandyiani, 1.65m.
(09) Pole Vault: 1, Chua Yu Tian, 3.00m.
(10) Long Jump: 1, Noor Shahidatun Nadia, 5.69m.
(08) Triple Jump: 1, Noor Amirah M. Nafiah, 12.99m. 2, Noor Shahidatun Nadia, 12.54m.
(09) Shot Put: 1, Bibi Nuraishah Ishak, 11.28m. 2, Annbella Bong Lu Na, 10.52m.
(08) Discus Throw: 1, Nurul Bayah Mokthar, 33.38m. 2, Annbella Bong Lu Na, 31.96m. 3, Bibi Nuraishah, 31.10m.
(08) Javelin Throw: 1, Aleena Ameera Seleh, 33.33m.
(09) 3000m Walk: 1, Elena Goh Ling Yin, 16:30.34s. 2, Norrusuhila Rusni, 18:20.53s. 3, Nilamani Vithiaa, 18:42.21s.
(08) 4x100m: 1, Malaysian Schools Team, 48.15s. 2, MSIPGM Team, 51.13s.
(09) 4x400m: 1, Malaysian Schools Team, 4:08.10s.

11-12 June, Sliven BUL: Bulgarian Senior Championship 2011

(11) 100m: (+2.2) 1h6, Mohd Ikhwan Nor, 10.81s. 2h6, Mohd Noor Imran Abd Hadi, 10.85s.
(12) 200m: (+1.3) 1h7, Mohd Ikhwan Nor, 21.89s. 2h7, Mohd Noor Imran Abd Hadi, 22.28s.

(12) 200m: (+1.4) 1h2, Norjannah Hafiszah Jamaludin, 24.75s.

Photo of the twin sisters courtesy of The Malay Mail
Wish to send any correction and athletics results? Drop me an email at:


Usain Bolt 19.86 200m Oslo Diamond League Video

>> June 10, 2011

Usain Bolt of Jamaica, the double World and Olympic sprint champion runs 19.86s to win the 200 metres at the Exxon Mobil Bislett Games of IAAF Diamond League in Olso, Norway (June 09, 2011). The race ranks him as the fastest 200 metres in the World so far this year.

Unlike the previous years, the lightning seemed less striking although the World championship is only about two and a half months. This is certainly encouraging Tyson Gay who ran 9.79s a few days ago to achieve his dream in Deagu. Bolt's next meet is on July 08 in Paris.

Video of Usain Bolt 19.86s 200m at Oslo Diamond League (Bislett Games) 2011


Christophe Lemaitre's 9.96s French NR (Video)

>> June 08, 2011

No fluke at all. He is the first (and the only) whiteman to break the 10s barrier and it was in 2010. Then he repeated twice after that. Heading to the 2011 World championship in Deagu, it's not a miracle if a whiteman Christophe Lemaitre qualified for the 100m final race, and will line up against Usain Bolt, Tyson Gay, Asafa powell etc. He has proved to be very consistent over the 100m. He just rewritten the French national record at 100m dash by one hundredth of a second to 9.96s. Check out the video:

100m Men Results (Wind: +0.9m/s)

1, Yohan Blake JAM 9.95
2, Christophe Lemaitre FRA 9.96 NR
3, Daniel Bailey ANT 10.00
4, Dwain Chambers GBR 10.09
5, Jimmy Vicaut FRA 10.31
6, Ryan Moseley AUT 10.34
7, Fabio Cerruti ITA 10.34
8, Pierre Alexis Pessonneaux FRA 10.54


Interesting Facts about Ben Johnson (Sprinter)

>> June 07, 2011

We all agreed that Carl Lewis was superb in 4 Olympics and World championships. But Ben Johnson (b. 1961) was the greatest back in 1985 to 1988!. People remember Ben for his great physique perhaps, apart from 'Seoul 88'. He has some similarities with the current top sprinter Usain Bolt. Both sprinters were born in the same resident (Trelawny, Jamaica), but Ben emigrated to Canada when he was a teen (1976). Ben Johnson became the World champion in 1987 and Olympic champion in 1988. Here is a lists of the facts about Ben Johnson during his track career. You can also read interesting facts about Usain Bolt.

Ben Johnson get ready to rock the 100m at the 1988 Olympics
  • Ben entered track an field at age of 14 and produced a World record 11 years later
  • He was guided by an experienced and qualified coach since the beginning of career
  • Most of Ben's training needs and expenses were sponsored by his coach
  • He never had to work at an off-track job during his entire running career
  • He was massaged by coach (1978-1980), by therapist (1981-1986), and by regeneration specialist (1986-1988)
  • Ben's first international success was in 1982 Commonwealth Games when he won silver in the 100m
  • He won the bronze medal at the 1984 Olympics with a time of 10.22s
  • He had only one serious injury which occurred 2 months before the 1988 Olympics (third degree hamstring pull)
  • During an injury period in 1988, he performed 2sets x 10reps x 160kg in Bench Press
  • His Bench Press had improved from 3x136kg in 1986 to 3x155kg in 1987 to 2x185kg in 1988 (Consider 190kg at 1RM!!)
  • Ben ran at a top speed of 12.1 metres per second or 44.4 kilometres per hour
  • After breaking the WR in 1987, Ben earned around USD 480,000 a month in endorsements
  • His unique style coming off the blocks remains 'uneasy' to be imitated or simulated by anyone else
  • He was really cool and quiet when winning his races - Yes, if you think Tyson Gay is cool, Ben was so much humble and earthy
  • He was very consistent at starts (reaction). Many people thought he was foul started in 1987 World champs in Rome, but his actual reaction was 0.129
  • The difference of 100m's time between Ben Johnson & Carl Lewis in 1988 was greater (0.13) than Usain Bolt & Tyson Gay in 2009 (0.11)
  • He has been a World champion, Olympic champion, Commonwealth champion, World cup champion, World Indoor champion, Goodwill Games champion.
Ben Johnson's lifetime achievements (just to mention a few):

World records at 100m (9.83s - 1987, 9.79s - 9.79s)
World records at 60m (6.41s - 1987, 6.44s - 1987, 6.44s - 1987, 6.50s - 1986)
Olympic champion at 100m (1988 - 9.79s)
World champion at 100m (1987 - 9.83s)
World champion at 60m (1985 & 1987 - 6.41s)
World cup champion at 100m (1985 - 10.00s)
Commonwealth champion at 100m (1986 - 10.07s)

Major sources:
Training for Speed (by Charlie Francis, Ben Johnson's coach)
Speed Trap (by Charlie Francis)

# All the facts mentioned are sort of straight facts, which is generally means 'all conditions' is applicable.


Nine Sprinters Ran Sub-10 Seconds ! The Best and The Fastest Day in the History of Sprinting

>> June 05, 2011

The 2011 Prefontaine Classic in Eugene, Oregon (USA) ran yesterday saw six sprinters managed to dip under 10 seconds in the century dash. The race was won by Steve Mullings of Jamaica in 9.80s, an impressive improvement of his previous PB 9.89s set 2 weeks ago. Second place went to USA's Mike Rodgers who set a respected PB 9.85s, while Jamaica's Nesta Carter third in 9.92s.

Free shipping when you spend $75.  Use code LKS1V675.  Valid 5/29 - 7/2.  Online only; some exclusions may apply.Fourth & fifth positions were determined by the photo finish where USA's Darvis Patton who tied with Jamaica's Michael Frater at 9.94s was eventually given fourth place, but it's a bonus for Frater who lowered his PB from 9.97 to 9.94ss. A former Olympic and World champion, Justin Gatlin regained his top form to clock 9.97s (his fastest time since 2006) despite of finishing in sixth. The two last finishers, Richard Thompson (TRI) and Ivory William (USA) also ran fast with 10.01s and 10.02s respectively. The race was aided by tailwinds 1.3 m/s.

It's perhaps the best 100m race of all-time, or equaling the 1991 World Championship's record, where six sprinters crossed the finishing line under 10s (Carl Lewis 9.86s WR, Leroy Burrell 9.88s PB, Dennis Mitchell 9.91s PB, Linford Christie 9.92s PB, Frank Frederick 9.95s PB, and Raymond Stewart 9.96s PB).

Update: Also equaled the achievement of the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, where 6 sprinters clocked sub-10s (Usain Bolt 9.69s WR, Richard Thompson 9.89 PB, Walter Dix 9.91 PB, Churandy Martina 9.93 NR, Asafa Powell 9.95, and Michael Frater 9.97 PB).

Previous article (including results and videos) on 2011 Prefontaine Classic (IAAF Diamond League) here

A few hours earlier, top American sprinter Tyson Gay opens his 100m race of the 2011 season with a World-leading time 9.79s in a heat race of Sprint Series meet at the National Training Centre (NTS) in Clermont, Florida. In the race, two other sprinters Nickel Ashmeade of Jamaica and Kleston Bledman of Triniad and Tobago ran the sub-10s for the first time with 9.96s and 9.99s respectively. Travis Padgett of the USA came fourth in 10 flat. Tyson Gay didn't run in the final race but Kleston Bledman blazes to 9.93s (+1.0) to edge his PB again and winning the final race.

All together, 6 sprinters ran under 10s in Eugene, Oregon + 3 sprinters in Clermont, Florida. This makes (perhaps) JUNE 04 the best and the fastest day in the history of sprinting, with 9 sprinters clocking under 10 seconds!


Tyson Gay's 9.79s World-leading 100m Video at Star Athletics Sprint Series,
Clermont, Florida, US

Men's 100m Prefontaine Classic Video, 6 Sprinters Ran Under 10 Seconds

Kleston Bledman's 9.93s Video, Two-Times Sub-10s and PBs in a Day

Men's 100m Final Video at the 1991 World Championship in Tokyo, Japan
6 Men Ran Under 10s

Olympic Games, Beijing 2008 - 6 Men Ran Under 10s.



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