3rd ASEAN School Games, Singapore 2011 - Full Results

>> July 04, 2011

3rd ASEAN Schools Games 2011 - Athletics Results Day 3 (Day 1, Day 2)

800m: 1, Endro Kusworo, INA, 1:55.13s. 2, Ngo Dang Thanh, VIE, 1:55.39s. 3, Kathiresan a/l Kanison, MAS, 1:56.25s.

2000m Steeplechase: 1, Le Trong Giang, VIE, 6:01.41s (GR). 2, Sornram Bangbunnak, THA, 6:20.96S. 3, Saranraj a/l Sivamani, MAS, 6:22.57

110mh (0.99m): 1, Mohd Ajmal Aiman Bin Mat Hassan, MAS, 14.11s (=GR). 2, Kittipong Kongdee, THA, 14.20s. 3, Rio Maholtra, INA, 14.54s.

Pole Vault: 1, Navin Raj a/l Subramaniam, MAS, 2.01m. 2, Wasin Kuethanasagula, THA, 2.01m. 3, Febrianto Ramdani, INA, 1.90m.

Triple Jump: 1, Pratchaya Tepparak, THA, 14.65m. 2, Yohan Eko Saputro, INA, 14.29m. 3, Mohamad Syazwan Bin Zakaria, MAS, 14.03m.

5000m walks: 1, Nguyen Van Tu, VIE, 25:59.68s. 2, Muhd Syahmi Bin Mohd Syukri Tai, MAS, 26:30.03s. 3, Weerawat Muansook, THA, 27:20.09s.

4x400m: 1, Singaporean Schools Team, 3:18.47s. 2, Thais Schools Team, 3:18.81s. 3, Indonesian Schools Team, 3:21.72s.

800m: 1, Tran Thi Kim Xuyen, VIE, 2:18.25s. 2, Tran Thi Thu Cuc, VIE, 2:19.09s. 3, Desi Pelamonia, INA, 2:19.86s.

2000m Steeplechase: 1, Nguyen Thi Lien, VIE, 7:10.10s (=GR). 2, Nguyen Thi Hai, VIE, 7:31.21s. 3, Jannipha Bunwong, THA, 7:49.61s.

100mh: 1, Suchada Meesri, THA, 14.89s. 2, Ku Munirah Binti Ku Zamzuri, MAS, 15.03s. 3, Jannah Wong Min, SIN, 15.93s.

Pole Vault: 1, Nanthaka Raksawai, THA, 3.25m (GR). 2, Chua Yu Tian, MAS, 3.20m (=GR). 3, Teo Carmel, SIN, 2.80M.

Discus Throw: 1, Sawitri Thongchao, THA, 39.80M. 2, Chan Zhi Xuan, SIN, 38.50m. 3, Papupi Andanari, INA, 36.86m.

4x100m: 1, Thais Schools Team, 3:52.07s. 2, Vietnamese Schools Team, 3:54.80s. 3, Singaporean Schools Team, 3:57.05s.

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                                     DAY 1                    DAY 2                     DAY 3
Results courtesy of 3rd ASG's organizing committee.


Sebastian Lee & Nittaya Chasuree Won Treble in ASG Singapore 2011 - Athletics Results Day 2

>> July 03, 2011

Malaysia's Sebastian Lee Azcona and Thailand's Nittaya Chasuree completed sprint trebles at 3rd Asean Schools Games (ASG) in Singapore after winning the 100m, 200m and 4x100m in the boys and girls categories respectively.

In the first day yesterday, Sebastian topped the sprint century in 10.97s, defeating two Singaporean sprinters and wins the 200m today in 21.93s (PB), upsetting another host sprinter Ng Chin Hui in second place (22.05s). He teamed-up in the 4x100m and once again excelled with another gold medal in 41.80s.

Meanwhile Nittaya Chasuree clocked 12.18s to win the girls 100m in an easy race, and after that rewritten the 200m meet record 24.88s set by Supawan Thipat last year with a new mark of 24.74s during the semifinals. In the finals she manage to win gold medal but clocking slower time 24.82s. Her third gold came from the 4x100m relays, setting 46.56s.

The 15-year-old Noor Shahidatun Nadia was unlikely competing against her real opponents in the Asean schools. During the 2010 edition in Kuala Lumpur she already won the gold medal in long jump at age of 14. With a personal record of 6.11m, she outclassed the long jump fields at the first day with a golden leap of 5.99m. She repeated the success when she won another gold at triple jump today with a distance of 12.21m.

Another outstanding performance was in the boys' 400m hurdles. Mohd Baihaqi Razlan of Malaysia set 52.64s in a solo run and eclipsed his own games record 52.95s. Silver medalist Leo Maholtra of Indonesia was more than 1.2 seconds behind.

3rd Asean Schools Games - Athletics Results Day 2

200m: 1 Sebastian Lee Azcona, MAS, 21.93s. 2, Ng Chin Hui SIN, 22.05s. 3, Bandit Chuangchai, THA, 22.25s.

400mh: 1 Mohd Baihaqi Bin Razlan, MAS, 52.64s (GR). 2, Rio Maholtra, INA, 53.88S. 3, Hamdan Maasi INA, 53.98s.

5000m: 1, Le Trong Giang, VIE,  15:35.32 (GR). 2 Shoim Khamid, INA, 15:46.12 (GR). 3, Nattawut Innum THA, 16:00.61s.

Long Jump: 1, Noval, INA, 7.31m. 2, Nguyen Van Thuan, VIE, 7.02m. 3, Mohd Fahmi Bin Meslan, MAS, 6.95m.

Shot Put: 1, Wong Kai Yuen, SIN, 18.63m (GR). 2, Thawat Khachin, THA, 17.16 (GR). 3, Brian Koh Zhe Ming, SIN, 14.45m.

Javelin Throw: 1, Nasrun Sibela, INA, 59.75m. 2, Chachawin Nameephol, THA, 58.11m. 3, Efraem Gesulgon, PHI, 57.58m.

4x100m: 1, Malaysia, 41.80s. 2, Indonesia, 41.83s. 3, Singapore, 42.01s.

200m: 1 Nittaya Chasuree THA 24.82 (SF 24.74s GR). 2, Zaidatul Husna Zulkifli MAS, 25.07s. 3, Zaidatul Husniah Zulkifli, MAS, 5.10s.

400mh: 1 Nguyen Thi Huyen VIE, 61.60s (GR). 2, Le Binh Dinh VIE, 63.72s. 3, Alfina Tuhupeory, INA, 63.77s.

3000m: 1, Nguyen Thi Bich Tram, VIE, 10:31.87s. 2, Nguyen Thi Lien, VIE, 10:36.50s. 3, Kitsana Toentuan THA,  10:51.53s.

Triple Jump: 1, Noor Shahidatun Nadia Mohd Zuki, MAS, 12.21m. 2, Titi Janiati INA, 11.67m. 3, Nguyen Thi Tuoi, VIE, 11.54m.

Javelin Throw: 1, Srisakun Bamrungchat, THA, 43.36m GR. 2, Lo Thi Phien, VIE, 41.87m. 3, Le Thi Cam Dung, VIE, 38.58

4x100m: 1, Thailand, 46.56s. 2, Singapore, 47.70. 3s, Malaysia, 47.88s.


3rd ASEAN Schools Games Singapore 2011 - Athletics Results Day 1

>> July 02, 2011

The 3rd edition of ASEAN Schools Games (ASG) officially opened on June 30 in Singapore. A total of 1100  athletes (under 18-years) from seven countries (Cambodia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam) are taking part in 12 sports which is scheduled for eight days. Athletics events begin today (Saturday July 02) until Monday at Choa Chu Kang Stadium.

Below is the first day results of athletics events (TOP 3):

3rd ASG Singapore 2011, Athletics Results DAY 1 (Day 2, Day 3)

Pole Vault Boys: 1, Lim Zi Qing Sean, SIN, 4.60m.  2, Mohd Faizul Bin Lazim, MAS, 4.55m. 3, Kontawat Thanthiraphap, THA, 4.50m.

High Jump Girls: 1, Kotchakorn Khamrueangsri, THA, 1.69m. 2, Nguyen Thi Quynh, VIE, 1.66m. 3, Puteri Nur Liyana Binti Megat Abd Hajat, MAS, 1.66m.

Long Jump Girls: 1, Nor Shahidatun Nadia Binti Mohamad Zuki, MAS, 5.99m. 2, Dang Thi Thu Suong, VIE, 5.63m. 3, Nguyen Thi Hong Phuing, VIE, 5.59m.

Discus Throw Boys: 1, Wong Kai Yuen, SIN, 50.06m. 2, Muhammad Irfan Bin Shamsuddin, MAS,  46.49m. 3, Galih Yoga Widya Utama, INA, 43.21m.

Shot Put Girls: 1, Sawitri Thongchao, THA, 13.81m. 2, Jenny Arista, INA, 11.24m. 3, Bibi Nuraishah Binti Ishak, MAS, 10.86m.

1500 metres Boys: 1, Ngo Dang Thanh, VIE, 04:02.36s. 2,  Sornram Bangbunnak, THA, 04:03.28s. 3, Endro Kusworo, INA, 04:04.23s.

1500 metres Girls: 1, Nguyen Thi Bich Tram, VIE, 04:46.34s. 2, Nguyen Thi Hai, VIE, 04:49.68s. 3, Ranjitha D/O Raja, SIN, 04:52.12s.

3000m Walk Girls: 1, Elena Goh Ling Yin, MAS, 14:34.75s. 2, Hoang Thi Trinh, VIE, 15:03.87s. 3,  Nguyen Thi My Chi, VIE, 22:17.75s.

100 metres Boys: 1, Sebastian Lee Azcona, MAS, 10.97s. 2, Chan Zhiyuan Donovan, SIN, 11.11s. 3, Tan Zong Yang, SIN, 11.16s.

100 metres Girls: Nittaya Chasuree, THA, 12.18s.  2, Zaidatul Husna Bt Zulkifli, MAS, 12.32s. 3, Shanti Veronica Pereira, MAS, 12.51s.

400 metres Boys: 1, Mohd Arif Zulhilmi Bin Alet, MAS, 48.67s. 2, Revin a/l Ramuh, MAS, 49.61s. 3, Muncherji Zubin Percy, SIN, 49.89s.

400 metres Girls: Nguyen Thi Huyen, VIE, 56.24s. 2, Kanjana Boonrung, THA, 57.56s. 3, Hdin Nie, VIE, 58.32s.


Asafa Powell 9.78s World Lead, Michael Frater 9.88s PB, Christophe Lemaitre 9.95s NR - Video & Analysis

>> July 01, 2011

Asafa Powell positions himself as the favorite to win the Gold medal at the 2011 World championships in Daegu. He ran the fastest time in the World this year with 9.78s +1.0 during the Diamond League meet in Lausanne yesterday (30 June 2011). It was one hundredth of a second faster than Tyson Gay's mark set in June 04 in Florida. Powell's teammate Michael Frater was second in a new personal best time of 9.88s. Third place went to French's Christophe Lemaitre who equaled his European U-23 and National record 9.95s.

From left: Christophe Lemaitre 9.95s, Asafa Powell 9.78s, Michael Frater 9.88s
Another Jamaican Nesta Carter was fourth in 9.95s, some way off his personal record of 9.78s set last year. Despite of finishing in fifth, Norway's Jayasuma Saidy-Ndure became the second ever European sprinter to break the sub-10 and sub-20 (19.89s) after Francis Obikwelu (9.86s & 19.84s) when he finished in 9.99s in the race that saw him had a "nearly perfect reaction" 0.107s (below 0.100 = false start). Unlike Michael Frater who won't run in the individual event in the World championships, Jayasuma Saidy who trained by a renowned track coach John Smith will be gunning for medal in both 100m and 200m.

What can you say when looking at Michael Frater's 9.88s performance ?

Michael Frater has the same height with Andre Cason won have ran under 10s three times within 26 hours in 1993 (9.96s, 9.94, 9.92s). Both sprinters stands 1.70m (5ft 6-half) and have won medals in the World championships. For a record, 10.00 seconds is the benchmark for World class sprinters and only the very best dipped below.

It was said that human may not able to run below 10s at low-altitude, now we have hundreds of sub 10s at low-altitude. Tall sprinters (above 6 "3) may be hindered by the gravity and may not run as fast as expected but Usain Bolt (6ft 5ins) has already ripped up the rule book. A whiteman has no possibility to break the 10s barrier because of the 'genetic incompatibility', but Lemaitre has been very consistent to run sub 10s. Advances in technology, scientific training method, nutrition and supplementation and so on have no doubt helped the advance in performances, just hard work will be the bottom line.

After Andre Cason, Leo Myles Mills, Coby Miller, Trindon Holliday, Walter Dix etc, Frater once again demonstrates to the World that a short sprinter has no limit in terms of times, consistency and to win medal at the World championships.

What makes you think that NOT EVERYONE is able to hit (at least) the world class times 10.0 seconds ?!?

Video of Men's 100m - IAAF Diamond League Lausanne 2011

Click here for full results of the IAAF Diamond League Lausanne 2011


Asafa Powell and Veronica Campbell Wins Jamaican Nationals with 10.08s and 10.84s Respectively - Video Highlights

>> June 25, 2011

A former world record holder Asafa Powell who was the last one out of the blocks edges Yohan Blake and Steve Mullings right on the finish line to win the Jamaican Nationals in Kingston. Powell who won the bronze at the previous World championship in Berlin stopped the clock at 10.08s, with Blake a mere one hundredth of a second behind for Silver. Steve Mullings who ran 9.80s this month also very close in third with 10.10s. All three sprinters will be representing Jamaica at the World Championship in Daegu in August together with Usain Bolt who was given an auto entry as a defending champion of 100m dash.

Nesta Carter who ran 9.78s last year was fourth in 10.12s. Despite of lowering his personal best twice this year, experienced sprinter Michael Frater took fifth in 10.18s - both missed the individual slot for the World championship but will certainly be selected for the 4x100m relay.

The -1.8 headwinds during the finals seems prevented the sprinters to run fast. In a fair condition with a slight tailwinds (+0.6) in the semifinals, Asafa Powell ran a season best 9.90s with four others clocking sub 10 - Steve Mullings (9.96s), Yohan Blake (9.97s), Michael Frater (9.98s) and Nesta Carter (9.98s).

Meanwhile in the absence of the reigning Olympic champion Shelly Ann Fraser, Veronica Campbell proved too strong to the rest sprinters when she crosses the line at 10.84s (+0.3) to win the women's title over Kerron Stewart (10.97s) and new comer Jura Levy (11.10s). Campbell was nearly 'DQ' due to a false start in her semifinals but she was only given a 'green card' by the officials so she could make the team and winning the gold medal for Jamaica in Daegu.

Men's 100m Final Video

Women's 100m Final Video


Walter Dix 9.94s, Justin Gatlin 9.95s, Mike Rodgers 9.99s - Wins Auto Slot for U.S World Team, Carmelita Jeter Won Easily in 10.74s

Olympic bronze medalist Walter Dix wins the 100m dash at the U.S Nationals in 9.94s, slightly ahead of a former World and Olympic champion Justin Gatlin who recorded a season best 9.95s. As expected Dix and Gatlin will be accompanied by Michael Rodgers (9.99s) in the World championships in Daegu, South Korea in August.

As the fourth and fifth finishers, Trell Kimmons (10.04s) and Jeff Demps (10.05s) will also be selected as part of members of the 4x100m. Ivory Williams who ran the fastest time in the semifinals (9.96s) was DSQ after a false start. Unfortunately for the top sprinter in the World this year, Tyson Gay has ended the hunting for the World title when he withdrew from the semifinals due to the right hip injury.

Meanwhile, Carmelita Jeter who has a personal record of 10.64s - the second fastest women in history, runs 10.74s in the windy condition (+2.7) to beat Marshevet Myers in second place in 10.83s. Miki Barber crosses the finish line in 10.96s to collect the final automatic slot for the Worlds.

Full Results

Men Finals (Wind: +1.3)

Place            Athlete Name                         Team               Time          
1Walter DixNike9.94
2Justin Gatlinunattached9.95
3Michael RodgersNike9.99
4Trell Kimmonsadidas10.04
5Jeff DempsFlorida10.05
6Darvis PattonNike10.09    
DQIvory WilliamsNike

DNS      Travis Padgett                      adidas             

Women Finals (Wind: +2.7)
Place            Athlete Name                         Team  4            Time         

1Carmelita JeterNike10.74

2Marshevet Myersadidas10.83

3Miki BarberNike10.96

4LaShaunte'a Mooreunattached11.04

5Alexandria AndersonNike11.07 .061

6Candyce McGroneunattached11.07 .063

7Jessica YoungT C U11.08

8Lakya BrookinsSouth Carolina11.16



Tyson Gay Injured Right Hip, Goodbye World Championship 2011

Tyson Gay pulled out of the 100m in the U.S National Championship due to a right hip injury sustained after he finished second in the Quarterfinal race on Thursday. Earlier this month, he opted not to compete in the 200m this year because of the hip, which has been bothering him since the beginning of the season.

Semifinals results:

Heat 1 (+1.4)

PlaceAthlete NameAffiliationTime           Qual
1Michael RodgersNike10.03Q
2Darvis PattonNike10.09Q
3Maurice MitchellFlorida State University10.14
4Leroy Dixonunattached10.17
5Desmond Jackson             Abilene Christian10.41
DNS       Rakieem Salaamunattached

Heat 2 (+2.6)
Place       Athlete Name                   Affiliation                  Time             Qual
1Justin Gatlinunattached9.99Q
2Walter DixNike10.05Q
3Jeff DempsFlorida10.05q
4Trell Kimmonsadidas10.06q
5Charles SilmonT C U10.21
6Terrell WilksFlorida10.30

Heat 3 (+2.9)
Place        Athlete Name                   Affiliation                  Time            Qual
1Ivory WilliamsNike9.96Q
2Travis Padgettadidas9.97Q
3Monzavous EdwardsNike10.10
4Cordero GrayTexas-Arlington10.17
5Justin AustinIowa10.26
DNSTyson Gayadidas


6th SEA Juniors Athletics Championships, Jakarta 2011 (FULL RESULTS)

>> June 23, 2011

The 6th edition of Southeast Asia Juniors Athletics Championship was held from June 17 - 18 at "Stadion Madya Senayan", Jakarta, Indonesia. Thailand became the overall champion with a haul of 22 Gold, 11 Silver and 5 Bronze. The host team Indonesia was second with 5 Gold 14 Silver and 20 Bronze. Singapore ranked third with 4 Gold 3 Silver and 5 Bronze. Vietnam  returned with 3 Gold  5 Silver and 3 Bronze while Malaysia who sent only 6 athletes bagged one Silver and one Bronze in 5th place. Brunei, Cambodia and Timor Leste came home empty handed. Three other nations Philippines, Laos and Myanmar didn't participate in this edition.

Click on the following button for full results (PDF format):

Special thanks for the direct and indirect help of providing the full results to:

Mr. Heinrich Hubbeling (IAAF & AAA Statistician)
Mr. Umar Yono (Indonesia Athletics Federation)
Mr. M. Shahruddin (Singapore Athletics)



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