SUKMA: Amir Fakhri Surprise Winning, Nurul Sarah Third Gold, Rayzamshah Hat-rick Wins

>> June 18, 2010

Kelantan’s Amir Fakhri Ismail who specializes in 400m shocked 10,000 fans at Hang Jebat Stadium yesterday with a blistering run of 21.64 to clinched gold medal in the 200m.

The unexpected winning came after an upset bronze medal he won in the 400m at the first day. Silver medal went to Malacca's Schzuan Rosli with a time of 21.82 while the new sprint king Syed Aliff defends his last SUKMA bronze with 21.99.

However, the new sprint queen Nurul Sarah Abdul Kadir of Malacca who anchored the Malacca quartet in a gratifying wins over 4x100m, completed a treble by winning the gold medal in the 200m with 24.86. Komalam Shally of Perak clocked 25.37, adds on silver medal collection after the 100m while Siti Nurhayati of Federal Territory went to win bronze in 25.43.

Meanwhile, a former SEA Games champion, Rayzamshah Sofian of Sabah completed a hat-trick in SUKMA by winning the men’s 110m hurdles. Despite a slow start, Rayzam recorded a time of 14.25 slightly ahead of youngster Ajmal Aimal of Terengganu (14.31) and Johor’s Rohaizad Jamil  (14.47).

In the absence of the three-time champion, Azizah Ibrahim due to an Injury, Raja Nursheena of Selangor won the 100m hurdles in 14.32. Unfortunately, Sabah's Felnidiah Lok who had a chance to win but hit the last barrier and moved her to fourth (15.12) after Perlis’s Nor Fazlinda and Sarawak’s Vaneysia Ulau overtook for silver (14.93) and bronze (15.09) respectively.

200M Men Final
1, Amir Fakhri Ismail, KEL, 21.64. 2, Schzuan Rosli, MAL, 21.82. 3, Syed Aliff, FT, 21.99. 4, Mohd. Azhar, PAH 22.08. 5, Shahmimi Azmi, NS, 22.24. 6, Harith Ammar, TER, 22.33. 7, Alif Husin, PEN, 22.38. 8, Zabidi Ahmad, TER, 22.50.

200M Women Final
1, Nuril Sarah, MAL, 24.86. 2, Komalam Shally, PRK, 25.37. 3, Siti Nurhayati, FT, 25.43. 4, Zaidatul Husna, PEN, 25.61. 5, Hazwani, TER, 25.96. 6, Zaidatul Husnia, PEN, 26.16. 7, Jesyline Steven, SAB, 26.45. 8, Siti Nadiah, KED, 27.99.

110M Hurdles Men Final
1, Rayzamshah Sofian, SAB, 14.25. 2, Ajmal Aiman, TER, 14.31. 3, Rohaizad Jamil, JOH, 14.47. 4, Norazizi Ariffin, PRK, 15.08. 5, Zhafran, MAL, 15.12. 6, Chee Yan, SAR, 15.13. 7, Shahrul, JOH, 15.51. 8, Razzak Rahim, PAH, 15.33.

100M Hurdles Women Final
1, Raja Nursheena, SEL, 14.32. 2, Nor Fazlinda, PER, 14.93. 3, Veneysia Ulau, SAR, 15.09. 4, Felnidiah Lok, SAB, 15.12. 5, Ku Munirah, MAL, 13.13. 6, Norhafiza, KEL, 15.62. 7, Laura Huang, SAR, 16.44, 8, Wen Fong, PRK, 17.50.

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