FIFA World Cup And Prostitution

>> June 14, 2010

Half of million fans are expected to attend this year's FIFA World Cup Final in South Africa which running for a month long (June 11 - July 11, 2010). Ath the same time, the authorities have confirmed the presence of 40,000 sex workers to take place following legalization of prostitution for the World Cup this year. 

Theoretically as long as it is legal, it will be licensed, regulated and taxed by the authorities. So, it would provide a huge income for the country. Not only that, it would benefits to those who have no other option to have income!

Well, take into consideration the fact that human can't live without sex and when thousands of fans are coming to South Africa it will definitely not end to games it will follow lots entertainments such as gambling, alcohol and sex. So, should it be legalized or the South African girls would exposed to the risk of sex assault and rape?

More interesting, whenever prostitution is legalized, sex workers would be screened for the sexually transmitted diseases (STD). In this process prostitutes whom infected will not be given license and permitted to do the business. Hence, the spread of all kind of STDs like syphilis etc could be reduced isn't it?

In the other hand, I’ve no right to stop the ideas anyway but the question is how can prostitution be legalized because of a football tournament? It is one thing that people might want to think as it would be a platform for further criminal activities to take place. Moreover, it is well documented that prostitution promotes human trafficking, drug abuse, the drug trade etc.

Apart from that, prostitution could also increase the possibility that local under-age girls to be recruited into the prostitution business partly due to the fact that World Cup takes place during a four week national school holiday in South Africa. 

It is more likely a great opportunity for South Africa to please foreign guests and generate much tax-profits, but I am concern if legalizing this is something that can promotes young generation into a serious and worse criminal can be something an "OK", and furthermore this (prostitution for World cup) certainly will not automatically ceased right after the World cup but to continue long after the tourists had left.

Well, what do you think should prostitution be legalizes for the benefit of sports?

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