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>> September 13, 2011

Last updated 31.05.2012

ASIAN Athletics Rankings – Publications 1989 - 2011
A few copies of the following booklets are still available from the editor against payment in advance (EUR 10 in Europe or EUR 15 / USD 22 other continents) per copy per pay-ments in cash or by International Money Order:
1998 Rankings (76 pages); 2004 Rankings (97 pages); 2005 Rankings (97 pages);
2006 Rankings (96 pages); 2007 Rankings (97 pages); 2008 Rankings (97 pages);
2009 Rankings (97 pages); 2011 Rankings (in May 2012); all other issues are sold out.

Athletics Results From ASIA
Detailed results reports services (30-35 reports/year) during the season (against subscription), national statistics from several Asian AA Member Federations etc. available on request.

ASIAN Athletics All-Time Rankings (31.12.2000)
212 pages including Asian all-time TOP 100 performers for all events, with additional performers for countries outside the dominant nations of China and Japan, all national records and separate rankings for the ex-URS republics in ASIA (before 1993) and for Israel. Copies are available at reduced price of EUR 15 (Europe) or EUR 20 / USD 30 (out-side Europe); payment only in cash or by International Money Order.

Order/contacts for the publications above to:
Heinrich Hubbeling, Haydnstr 8, 48691 Vreden, GERMANY
or by E-Mail: or by FAX: 49 2564 2829

National Records for All Countries in the World
by Winfried Kramer, Heinrich Hubbeling, Yves Pinaud and Steffen Stuebe

The 2012 edition of this valuable work with records as at 31st Dec 2011 for all Olympic events for each country and many territories (234 in all) will be available during April 2012. Records for KOSOVO and various French over-seas territories are included for the first time. Orders at a price of 25 euros against payment-in-advance (cash only) to:
Winfried Kramer, Kohlrodweg 12, 66539 Neunkirchen-Kohlhof, GERMANY

SOUTHEAST ASIA Athletics Annual 2011/12
by Jad Adrian Washif
First ever publication with information of Southeast Asian Athletics. Contains four main parts; Major Meeting Results, Ranking Lists (Annual & All-Time), Comparative Records for All Countries + Asia + World, and Athlete’s Profiles. A5 / 123 pages. Price EURO 10 (SEA), EURO 15 (outside SEA). Payment in cash, credit card, debit card, paypal, western union, and transfer from deposit machine/online banking. Order/contact to:
Jad Adrian Washif, L7, 12th College UPM, 43400 Serdang Selangor, MALAYSIA
Website: , E-Mail:

JAVELIN Statistics
by Tony Isaacs, started a series of historical publications concerning Men's Javelin Throw. FOUR booklets are already published containing;
PART I: 52 pages including  Progressive WR, World Top 10 Rankings 1891 - 2006, Continental Champions and best performers (year-by-year) etc;
PART II: 76 pages including Results from Olympic Games, World Championships for senior, Junior, Youth and Masters;
PART III: 76 pages including Results from around 25 different Inter-Continental Games and Championships;
PART 1V: 52 pages - detailed information about Javelin in AFRICA including Progressive Records, Continental Rankings 1912-2008, results from all Continental and Regional Champs/Games in Africa etc;

IAAF Statistics Handbook for World Championships 2011
by Mark Butler with collaboration from ATFS members, national federations and individuals. 742 pages. Download from IAAF Website: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.

ATHLETICS: The International Athletics Annual 2011
edited by Peter Mat-thews. Provides every facts on International track and fields: Annual Rankings, All-Time Rankings, Biographies of more than 700 athletes, Index of athletes, Articles, Records, Major Meeting Results (all over the World) incl. National Championships, and many others. Buy at Amazon.

Athletics at Commonwealth Games
by Rob Whittingham, Paul Jenes & Stan Greenberg. A5 36 pages. Complete results of Athletics Events at Commonwealth Games 1930-1988, Index of over 5000 athletes etc. Buy at Amazon.

Publishers / Editors / Compilers: enclose your publications here by contacting;

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