Sukma Pahang 2012 - Results & Highlights Day 3

>> July 13, 2012

XV Sukma (Malaysian Games) 2012, Highlights and Results Day 3 (12.07.2012)

NEGERI SEMBILAN Team snuck a surprise gold medal in the men's 4x100m, clocking 41.79s. Defending champion TERENGGANU Team finished in 2nd in 41.94s, while SABAH Team the 2nd finisher of 2010 Games and the favorite with 41.58s seasonal best, only managed to take bronze in 42.39 following a major setback in baton exchanges.

TERENGGANU Team won the women's 4x100m with a time of 47.88s, beating JOHOR team (48.36) and SABAH Team (48.37) in 2nd and 3rd positions respectively.

Nik Hafiz Nik Mohamad of Kelantan, as anticipated winning the men's 800m in 1:54.60s, leaving the recent ASEAN School champion Jeeventhiran s/o Victor Ravintharan of Perak who ran 1:55.99 in second place. Kedah's Tan Wei Heng lowered his pb to 1:56.78s as enough to secure the bronze.

Nik Norzilawatie Nik Wil of Kelantan takes her second gold medal of the day as she finished in first position in her favorite event 800m and setting a time of 2:19.91. Sarawak's Faradilah Raznie was trailing in 2nd in 2:20.88, while Johor's Sharmila d/o Sivakimar third in 2:21.21.

Mohamed Baihaqi Razlan of Kelantan upsets pre-race favorite Muhammad Firdaus Mazalan of Kedah as won the men's 400m hurdles in 53 flat, with Firdaus at 53.14s. Perak's Muhammad Firdaus Musa wins bronze in 53.73.

Layalia Rameli of Terengganu won the women's 400mh, clocking 64.29s, and second and third winners were Federal's Wong Pui Yee (1:05:66) and Perak's Saidatul Izatti Suhaimi (1:06:31).

Ahmad Luth Hamizan of Negeri Sembilan was probably upset when he could only finished in second at 5000m after gold medal in 10,000m, since he was the pre-race favorite for 3000m steeplechase. If he won 5000m, then he would repeat the feat of Karthik Jayamaran winning triple gold at 2010 SUKMA. And as expected he won the men's 3000m steeplechase in a time of 9:40.42s. What made this race more interesting was the host runner Saranraj s/o Sivamani was actually gunning for his 2ND gold medal, after winning the 1500m and upsetting Luth Hamizan in the 5000m. If he won 3000m steeplechase the chance to win triple gold medal is high as he is the pre-race favorite in the 1500m final today. S.Saranraj eventually finished in 2nd in 10:06.34s. 3rd placing was Johor's Vinoth s/o Muniappan in 10:10.60.

Nik Norzilawatie Nik Wil of Kelantan clinched gold medal in the women's 3000m steeplechase, winning her race with 12:08.15, followed by Sri Suganyaa d/o Naderaja of Selangor (12:30.19) and Nor Hidayah Ahmad of Kedah (12:46.39).

Muhammad Irfan Shamshuddin of Negeri Sembilan has thrown to a personal best of 42.50m in the men's discus and won the gold medal. Silver and bronze went to Mohammad Firdaus James of Perak and Tang Zhi Min of Federal Territory with distances of 38.46m and 37.21m respectively.

Muhammad Hakimi Ismail of Perak continues to dominate in the horizontal jumps, he won the men's long jump with 7.32m, the challenge came form Federal athlete Luqman Hakim Ramlan who made a personal best 7.27m. Perak's Pang Li Chong who has a pb of 7.46m takes only bronze with 7.10m.
Elena Goh Ling Yin of Federal territory clinched her second gold medal in XV SUKMA after winning the 10,000m walk with a time of 53:43.97, Pua Ling En takes silver in 55:13.08, while Song Gie Chee of Penang bronze in 59:16.72.



Why Are Jamaicans So Amazing at Running ?

Why Are Jamaicans so Amazing at Running?


Athletics Highlights and Results Day 2 - Sukma 2012

>> July 11, 2012

XV Sukma 2012, Kuantan - Highlights Day 2 (11 July 2012)
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Harith Ammar Mohd Sobri became the fastest man in the XV Malaysian Games 2012 after crossing the line in 10.84s as the winner on the newly installed blue track at Darul Makmur Stadium in Kuantan. The 18-year-old from Terengganu who ran 10.66 in Surabaya last week, defeated Kedah's Mohd Helmi Ahmad (10.92s) and Sabah's Eddie Edwards Jr (10.93) in 2nd and 3rd places respectively.  The 4th and 5th finishers were Hisyam Alias (10.94) and Shahmimi Azmi (10.95).

Zaidatul Husniah Zulkifli of Penang secured the gold medal of the women's 100m for his family as the pre-race favorite, Zaidatul Husna, her twin sister was unable to get back her form after suffering a hamstring injury a few weeks ago. She clocked a time of 12.29s (12.24s in semifinal). Johore's Lee Jia Qin takes the silver medal in 12.45, Sabah's Stefbilce Sandy Stephen clinched the bronze in 12.50m.

Kannathasan s/o Subramaniam of Selangor wins the men's 400m with a personal best time of 47.48s. He beats Malacca's Schzuan Ahmad Rosely who also recorded a pb of 47.68s in second place. Sabah's Anchois Aron finishes third in 48.64s.

Nurul Faezah Asma Mazlan of Terengganu upsets the defending champion Nurulassikin Mohd Rasid of Johore in the women's 400m as she takes the gold medal in a time of 57.18s, with Nurulassikin trailing close behind in 57.49. Newcomer Fathin Faqihah Mohd Yusuf of Sabah won the bronze in 58.11s.

Kavee Alagan s/o Anpalagan of Negeri Sembilan registered a 2.21m (4th All-Time) clearance in the men's high jump to bag the gold medal and eclipsed Lee Hup Wei's Games record 2.20m. Interestingly, he also matched the season best height by Lee Hup Wei who a few days ago announced as the representative for the London Olympics. Not less impressive, Navin Raj s/o Subramaniam finished in second, but cleared a good height of 2.19m (5th All-Time), and followed by a 17-year-old Azly Ghazali of Selangor who made 2.15m.

Saranraj s/o Subramaniam, the host runner wins the men's 5000m in 16:00.73, and denied the challenge from the 10,000m champion Ahmad Luth Hamizan (NSE) who only managed to finish in 2nd (16:04.05). Third placing was filled by Perak's Tanakendiran s/o Sumudum in 16:07.55.

Shahidatun Nadia Mohd Zuki of Kedah takes the women's triple jump title as she leaped to a distance of 12.77m, defeating teammate Nur Izzati Akmal in 2nd place with 11.81, while Sabah's Merry Gabali satisfied in third but with a pb of 11.70m.

Nur Aisyah Ahmat of Sarawak won the women's 5000m, setting 20:06.76s. 2nd finisher was Pahang's Previna d/o Arumugam who timed 20:39.52 while 3rd placer was Johore's Yap Nyok Sing in 21:16.12.

Shahrin Selamat of Selangor has caused a major upset to the favorite Mohamad Alif Hanif of Terengganu as he clinched the gold in a throw of 14.21m, over 14.04m. Another youngster of Selangor Shahul Iqmal Baharuden took the bronze in 13.18m.

Mohamed Fahmi Meslan of Johore retained his title in decathlon after totaling 5956 points and secured the gold medal from Selangor's Sia Joo Yao (5614) and Sabah's Sylvester Yamud (5438).


XV Sukma Kuantan 2012- Highlights & Results Day 1

>> July 10, 2012

Day 1 (10 July 2012)
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Harith Ammar Sobri of Terengganu was the fastest in men's 100m heats, setting 10.86, Ambrose Jilom 2nd fastest 10.89, Hisyam Alias also 10.89, Eddie Edwards 10.93.

Zaidatul Husniah Zulkifli of Penang wins her 100m heats in 12.24 to set the fastest time among finalists, her twin sister Husna (sb 11.86) looks like not fully recovered from hamstring strain suffered 7 weeks ago as she finished her race in 12.74, but is a finalist.

Kannathasan Subramaniam became the fastest in the men's 400m heats, clocking 48.29, 2nd fastest was Anchois Aron 48.83, 3rd Mohd Aril Zulhilmi 49.46, 4th Schzuan Rosely 49.65, 5th Kwong Kar Jun 49.74, 6th Barul Hisyam 49.98.

Choo Kang Ni of Johor threw 39.98 in women's discus to earn the gold medal. Teammate Nur Fathin Ahmad Zabri went to win silver medal in 38.51, while Sarawak's Loo Li Jun takes bronze in 36.08.

Ahmad Luth Hamizan (Nse) wins "not his favorite event" the men's 10,000m in 34:47.69, defeating Johor's M.Vinoth in second place 34:51.45, and Perak's S.Tanakendiran in third (35:04.19).

Muhammad Hakimi Ismail (Prk, pb 16.15) leaped only 15.41 in men's triple jump to win gold medal. Silver was bagged by El Said Abdel Aziz (Sab) in 15.32, and the bronze goes to Mohamad Syazwan Zakaria (Joh) with 14.10.

Jackie Wong Siew Cheer of Sarawak won the men's hammer throw in a new meet record of 55.25, teammate Michael Sia Sung Dak in 2nd with 47.58, followed by Ng Chee Chew in 3rd with 45.39 throw.

Yap Sean Lee also from Kuala Lumpur takes women's high jump in 1.70m, surprised the two favorites, Norliyana Kamaruddin (1.70 / 2nd), and Shandyani Mahendran (1.67 / 3rd).

Elena Goh Ling Yin of Kuala Lumpur has delivered the first gold in athletics, winning the women's 5000m walk with a time of 25:25.84, beating Pua Ling En in 2nd and Song Gia Chee 3rd with 26:19.66 and 27:07.83 respectively.


Malaysian Athletics Results No 9, 2012

>> July 09, 2012

Compiled by Jad Adrian, ATFS Statistician,

CAGNES-SUR-MER  France,  24 June 2012  “1er Meeting International de Cagnes-sur-Mer - Côte d’Azur”
-international athletics meeting.

2. Lee Hup Wei 2.21

NOTTWILL Switzerland,  30 June 2012  “Bonus-Track Nottwill Swiss Meeting”
-international athletics meeting, results of Malaysian athletes;

110mh  5. Rayzam Shah Wan Sofian 13.86, -0.5   (& 3h1, 14.02, +0.9).

400mh  2. Noraseela Mohd Khalid 59.42.

ALMATY Kazakhstan,  30.06 – 01.07, 2012  “4th ASIAN All Star Athletics Meet”
-best results of Malaysian athletes;

1500m  (30) 7. Mohd Jironi Riduan 3:56.60.
400mh  (30) 8. Muhammad Firdaus Mazalan (93, not the ‘92’) 53.26.
SP         (30) 7. Adi Alifuddin Hussin 16.49.

TJ         (30) 4. Noor Amira Mohd Nafiah 13.40, +0.5

HONG KONG,  30.06 – 01.07.2012  “Inter-City Athletics Championships”
-results of Malaysian Athletes;

100M    (  1)/ -1.4, 2.Mohd Zabidi Ghazali 10.78 (& 1h1, 10.95, -1.9).
800m    (30) 2.Nik Hafiz Nik Mohamad 1:54.25.
1500m  (  1) 1.Nik Hafiz Nik Mohamad 4:02.72.
3000mSt (30) 2.Ahmad Luth Hamizan 9:26.69.
110mh  (  1)/ -0.1, 1.Mohamad Rohaizad Jamil 14.51.
HJ         (  1) 3.Kavee Alagan s/o Anpalagan 2.13.
HT        (30) 3.Jackie Wong Siew Cheer 54.21.

100m    (  1)/ -1.3, 3.Siti Zubaidah Adabi 12.32  (& 1h2, 12.23, -0.2)
200m    (30)/ -1.4, 2.Siti Zubaidah Adabi 25.24.
DT        (30) 3.Yap Jeng Tzan 40.38.
HT        (  1) 1.Casier Renee Kelly Lee (93) 44.59.

SURABAYA, Indonesia,  30.06. - 01.07, 2012  “4th ASEAN Schools Games”
-Regional Games for different sports with participation of athletes from seven countries, all athletes born 1994 or later, Youth hurdles and implements for throws used in boys events;
-Malaysian Schools team emerged the overall champion with a haul of 14G, 11S, 10B, with THA in 2nd place (11-7-10), and followed by VIE (9-11-10), INA (6-8-6), SIN 0-2-3, PHI (0-1-1) and BRU (0-0-0); following are the best results of Malaysian athletes;

100m    (30)/ +1.3, 2.Harith Ammar Mohd Sobri (94) 10.66, 3.Nixson Kennedy (95) 10.81.
-sf-       1h1/+0.3  Nixson Kennedy 10.78,  2h2/0.0  Harith Ammar Mohd Sobri 10.95.
200m    (01)/+1.8,  2.Sebastian Lee Azcona (94) 22.47  (& 1h1, 22.20, +3.2).
400m    (30) 3.Kwong Kar Jun (95) 48.82.
800m    (30) 1.Ravintharan s/o Victor (94) 1:54.97.
1500m  (  1) 1.Saranraj s/o Sivamani (95) 4:02.68,  4.Jeeventhiran s/o Victor (94) 4:15.00
5000m  (  1) 1,Saranraj s/o Sivamani (95) 15:49.41
2000mSt (30) 1.Saranraj s/o Sivamani (95) 6:04.44 NJR
110mh/91.4cm (30)/+2.2,  1.Alif Ashraf Mohd Razali (94) 14.24
400mh/?? (  1) 1.Muhamad Firdaus Musa (94) 53.47.
HJ         (30) 1.Mohd Azly Ghazali (95) 2.10.
PV        (  1) 2.Iskandar Alwi (94) 4.60
LJ         (30) 2.Luqman Hakim (94) 6.98 / +0.2,  5.Mohamad Syazwan Zakaria (94) 6.61 /+0.2.
TJ         (  1) 3.Mohamad Syazwan Zakaria (94) 14.14 /+0.2.
SP/5kg  (30) 3. Ong Chin Yong (94) 15.41,  4. Mohd Irfam Shamsuddin (95) 14.70
DT/1.5kg (  1) 2.Mohd Irfam Shamsuddin (95) 52.33.
HT/5kg (30) 1.Michael Sia Sung Dak (94) 62.30.
5000m walk (  1) 1.Eswaranto s/o Rajan Deren (95) 23:26.25,  4.Mohamad Shamrin Mohd Aris (94) 23:45.35.
4x100m (  1) 2.Malaysian Schools Team (Nixson Kennedy, Sebastian Lee, Muhammad Aqmal Safuan,
Harith Ammar Mohd Sobri) 41.38.
4x400m (  2) 2.Malaysian Schools Team (Muhammad Firdaus Musa, Kwong Kar Jun, Jeeventhiran s/o Victor, Saranraj s/o Sivamani) 3:19.99.

100m    (30)/ +1.2,  7.Sharifah Shatrah Razali (95) 12.37  (4h1, 12.59, +0.3).
200m    (  2)/ +0.7,  4.Fathin Faqihah Yusuf (96) 25.88,  5.Sharifah Shatrah Razali (95) 25.92.
-sf-       (  1)/ +0.7, 3h1 Sharifah Shatrah Razali (95) 25.42,  2h2 Fathin Faqihah Yusuf (96) 25.58.
400m    (30) 2.Fathin Faqihah Yusuf (96) 58.39.
800m    (30) 3.Nik Norzilawati Nik Wil (95) 2:18.16.
1500m  (30) 6.Nik Norzilawati Nik Wil (95) 5:13.44.
2000m St  (30) 3.Nik Norzilawati Nik Wil (95) 7:23.79
100mh  (30)/ +0.8, 1.Nur Amanina Tugimin (95) 14.85, 2.Nur Syafiqah Anis Abu Bakar (96) 15.31.
400mh  (  1) 3.Wong Pui Yee (95) 64.37.
HJ         (30) 2.Shandyiani d/o Mahendran (94) 1.69.
PV        (  1) 1.Valerie Tan Ee Leen (95) 3.40.
LJ         (  1) 1.Noor Shahidatun Nadia Mohd Zuki (96) 5.96 /+0.2.
TJ         (  1) 1.Noor Shahidatun Nadia Mohd Zuki (96) 12.59 /+0.5.
SP         (30) 5.Bibi Nuraishah Ishak (95) 10.76,  6.Choo Kang Ni (94) 10.54.
DT        (  2) 2.Choo Kang Ni (94) 37.68,  3.Loo Li Jun (95) 36.55.
HT        (30) 3.Shirley Tiong Mee Yien (94) 37.90,  4.Linda Tan Ling Hwa (95) 37.87.
3000m walk (  1) 1.Elena Goh Ling Yin (96) 15:41.93.
4x400m (  2) 2. Malaysian Schools Team (Wong Pui Yee, Fathin Faqihah Yusuf, Sharifah Shatrah Razali,       Nik Norzilawati Nik Wil) 3:59.45.

Ipoh,  01 July 2012  “Ipoh International Run 2012”
-nearly 18,000 took part in this event that contested four categories (5km, 7km, 10km, 21km);
10km and 21km races - obviously short distance, best results;

21km open (short course!!) / all Kenyans except as noted
1.Lilan Kennedy Kiproo 1:00:16,  2.Joseph Mwangi 1:00:17,  3.Bernard Mwendia Muthoni 1:00:27,  4.Lawrence Kiptoo Saina 1:00:28,  5.Ronoh Kennedy Kibet 1:00:58,  6.Stanley Tarus 1:03:40,  7.Richard Mutua Mutisya 1:06:00,  8.Dancan Samuel Kasia 1:08:00,  9.Gichuhi Jesse Njoroge (MAS*) 1:13:00,  10.Alex Melly 1:14:00,  11.Kipsang Charles Kipkorir (MAS*) 1:14:03,  12.Kamau Ejrus Munju (MAS*) 1:14:08,  13.Rotich John Kpkosgei 1:18:05,  14.Mutai Andrew 1:19:15,  15.John Kprop 1:21:48,  16.Ruto Ezekial Kipkosgei 1:22:20;   Note: *unconfirmed citizenships

21km veteran (short course!!)
1.Lautredoux Jean Pierre (FRA) 1:08:41,  2.Jirattiigana Boonma (THA) 1:11:51,  3.Panom Khansamol (THA) 1:12:27,  4.Chaiyut Jaineamkun (THA) 1:14:35,  5.Khanit Tengisi (THA) 1:16:43,  6.Baskaran s/o Kuppusamy (MAS) 1:17:16,  7.Khir Salleh 1:17:19,  8.Prasoet Phaisan (THA) 1:18:27,  9.Casey Lim Khon Seng (MAS) 1:19:03,  10.Charoen Khangkharo (THA) 1:19:11,  11.Gavin Bong (MAS) 1:19:13,  12.Mit Chamnankol (THA) 1:20:40,  13.Suphachai Wiraphong (THA) 1:20:54, 14.Santi Thanbenchaphon (THA) 1:21:03,  15.Chuah Kean kok (MAS) 1:21:20,  16.Devandran s/o Nagaratnam (MAS) 1:22:33.

10km open (short course!!)/ all Malaysians except as noted
1.Venugopal s/o Rajendran 30:44,  2.Boonthung Srisung (THA) 31:01,  3.Sanchai Namket (THA) 31:02,  4.Ruburn Kummar s/o Ramasamy 31:11,  5.Sivamanogaran s/o Sivalingham 31:33,  6.Jayseelans s/o Magandren 31:37,  7.Amnuay Tongmit (THA) 32:11,  8.Muniandy s/o Ramadass 32:17,  9.Mohamad Affindi Nudin 32:22,  10.Arul Thevar s/o Muniandy 32:27,  11.Wiswaran s/o Kaneapan 32:48,  12.Nik Fakaruddin Ismail 33:09,  13.Murali s/o Muniandy 33:13,  14.Rosnizam Rosli 33:41,  15.Jaya Kumar s/o Ramasamy 33:47,  16.Amirul Syazwan Samad 33:56,  17.M.Prabakharaman 34:03,  18.Arthur Hok Man Chan (HKG) 34:06,  19.Mohd Zamri Zakaria 34:09,  20.Noor Rudzuan Shafiee 34:40.

10km veteran (short course!!)
1.Rama Krishnan s/o Manikam (MAS) 33:44, 2.Niwat Oithip (THA) 35:30.

21km open (short course!!)/ all Kenyans except as noted
1.Eunice Nyawira Muchiri 1:08:32,  2.Esther Wambui Karimi 1:11:49,  3.Saowanee Lamlong (THA) 1:12:43,  4.Njoroge (MAS*) 1:12:47,  5.Esther Jeptum Kiperem 1:18:12,  6.Megan Foo Bee Fon (MAS*) 1:20:49,  7.Cyntia Keter 1:30:70,  8.Annie Yee Pei Ni (MAS) 1:35:18,  9.Siok Hian Cheong (SIN) 1:36:39,  10.Lau Soh Wai (SIN) 1:37:57,  11.Lee Siak Yeng (MAS) 1:40:70,  12.Phatchanee Sittichai (THA) 1:42:59;

10km open (short course!!)
1.Nathanaronnawat (THA) 34:49,  2.Saywaeo (THA) 35:03,  3.Sheela d/o Samivellu (MAS) 35:32,  4.Noor Amelia Musa (MAS) 35:54,  5.Hooi Yan Yee (???) 43:33, 6.Kamala Dewi d/o Kolanthai (MAS) 44:40.

10km veteran/ 35y (short course!!)
1.Yuan Yufang (MAS) 38:43, 2.Chotit Kan Udom (THA) 39:37, 3.Susan Khoo (GBR) 40:33, 4.Maneerat Rooydee (THA) 43:35, 5.Pranee Chinworapitak (THA) 44:11

Klang,  1 July 2012  “Centro Klang Run 2012”
-winners as follow;

MEN / 12km
Open: Muhd Fazly Zakaria 48.27
Veteran: Ong Chin 47:08
Senior veteran: Tan Wah Sing 52:11

WOMEN / 12km
Open: Joline Tang Imm Lee 1:05:14
Veteran: Evon Siow 1:04:27

Sintok,  6-7 July 2012  “37th SUKUM / IPTA Inter Staff Championships”
-SUKUM= public university (IPTA) inter staff champs, hand-timing, best results;

100m    (  7) 1.Mhd Latif Nyat 10.8.
SP         (  6) 1.Muhammad Malik Tobias 12.05.
DT        (  6) 1.Muhammad Malik Tobias 35.73,  2.Khairul Hafidzin Abd Wahab 34.56,  3.Ahmad Faizal Salim 33.51.

MEN / Veteran
DT        ( 7) 1.Gabriel Moinjil 33.62.

100m    ( 7) 1.Norjannah Hafiszah Jamaluddin 12.6.
200m    ( 7) 1.Norjannah Hafiszah Jamaluddin 26.9.
JT         ( 6) 1.Nurul Huda Mohd Akhir 36.02.

BOTTROP Germany,  6-7 July 2012  “Bottrop Gala”

400mh  6. Noraseela Mohd Khalid 60.38.

Kuala Lumpur,  8 July 2012  “Olympic Day Run”
-Olympic day run, event with 16 categories contested, following are the best results;

7km open
1.Venugopal s/o Rajendran 25:10,  2.Shahrudin Hashim 25:32, 3.Muniandy s/o Ramadoss 26:00, 4.Mohd Affendi Nudin 26:27.

7km open
1.Gantimanthi d/o Kumarasamy 31:31, 2.Loh Chooi Fern 34:05.

VIERSEN, Germany  8 July 2012  “Viersen Internationales Hochsprung Meeting”
-international high jump meeting.

HJ         6. Lee Hup Wei 2.18.

SINGAPORE,  30 May 2012  “International Sundown Marathon”
-kindly be noticed that winner of the men’s 10km road race, Lim Kien Mau (34:52) reportedly as a Singaporean in several online/email/website’s results services, BUT he is actually a Malaysian.

Addition and correction to;
MAS Athletics Results No 8;
-Ipoh, 23-24 June 2012 “Perak Open Athletics Championships”
4x100m – please amend the category between Perak and Terengganu, correct results as below;
MEN: 4x100m (24) 1.Perak Team 42.92 (previously written in women’s category).
WOMEN: 4x100m (24) 1.Terengganu Team 49.81


Seremban,  9,10,12,13 April 2012  “62th Negeri Sembilan State Schools Champs 2012”
-special event / invitational meet on 11th April, best results from the championships;

2000mSt (11) 1.Ahmad Luth Hamizan 6:41.8,
SP/5.45kg   (12) 1.Muhammad Irfan Shamsuddin (95) 13.64.

PV        (11) 1.Norezatti Shasha Rosli (95) 3.02.

Acknowledgments to;
Mr Andras Szabo / All-Athletics (HUN), Mr Heinrich Hubbeling/ Asian AA, IAAF (GER), Mr Carles Baronet / Trackinsun (ESP), Mr Mirko Jalava/ Tilastopaja (FIN), Mr Amir Othman (MSS Nse), FTAAA Office (?).


Pin Wanheab Breaks Six National Records

>> July 03, 2012

Sprinter PIN WANHEAB eclipsed the 38-year-old Cambodian National 200m record  after registering 21.85s during Nottwil Swiss Meeting at Nottwil Switzerland a few days ago (30 June). The previous record was held by Samphon Mao set at 1700m altitude in Tehran in 1974. He placed 4th in his final A race that won by World class sprinter Marlon Devonish of Great Britain in 20.64s. This made a total of SIX National records in his hands after 100m, 300m, and indoors 50m, 60m and 200m, all set in 2011-2012.

Two weeks ago (17 June) the 27-year-old Swiss born who appeared in the 100m final of 2011 SEA Games has done the same. In a regional athletics championships at Bulle (SUI), he broke the National 100m record 10.82A which was also held by Samphon Mao from the same meet in Tehran in 1974. Samphon Mao hand-timed mark 10.4h established in 1968 at Phnom Penh however remains the Cambodian record for hand timing, but it's now looks to be nearly at an end.

Although he was born, then living, schooling, enjoy the life in Switzerland, and holds Swiss and Cambodian citizenships, he has never opted to compete for Switzerland. His parents want him to contribute and start with Cambodian athletics. In 1976, it was a bloody civil war in Cambodia, and that caused his parents made a decision to migrate to find a safe and peaceful place in Switzerland.

Olympic Games
Although achieving great results as a Cambodian, Wanheab's dream to compete at the Olympics unfortunately would not be realized as the Cambodian authority has already selected their representatives for the Olympics, and that's not even Hem Bunting.

National Record
As of 1st of July 2012, he holds six national records in sprint events, three from outdoors 100m, 200m and 300m, and three others from indoors 50m, 60m and 200m. He also has a 400m best of 50s flat set less than a month ago at Bern (SUI). Below is a list of national records held by Pin Wanheab.

100m                10.78 +0.5  Bulle (SUI)                  17 JUN 2012
200m                21.85 +0.1  Nottwil (SUI)               30 JUN 2012
300m                37.79          Lausanne (SUI)           05 MAY 2012

50m indoor       6.14            Wettingen (SUI)          15 JAN 2011
60m indoor       7.03            Magglingen (SUI)        29 JAN 2011
200m indoor     22.55          Magglingen (SUI)        06 FEB 2011



Results - ASIAN All-Star Athletics Meet, Almaty 2012

>> July 01, 2012

Results of the 4th edition of Asian All-Star Track and Field Meet 2012 at ALMATY, Kazakhstan (30.06 - 01.07, 2012), note: at altitude of 1700m above the sea level (A).

Women's 100m at 4th Asian All-Star, Almaty 2012  (Asian AA)

First three at Day 1 (30.06.2012)

100 Metres (+0.6)
1. Reza Ghasemi (IRI) 10.24 NR
2. Vyacheslav Muravyev (KAZ) 10.59
3. Grigoriy Volodin (KAZ) 10.64
4. Aleksandr Viktorenko (KAZ) 10.64
5. Alexey Ayukassov (KAZ) 10.85

400 Metres 
1. Sagzhen Hashemiahan (IRI) 46.51
2. Sergey Zaykov (KAZ) 46.83
3. Maxim Mushtayev (KAZ) 47.51
4. Archand Christian Bagsit (PHI) 47.71
5. Aytzhan Baysbayev (KAZ) 48.20

400m Hurdles 
1. Joseph G. Abraham (IND) 50.22
2. Dimitriy Koblov (KAZ) 50.64
3. Viktor Leptikov (KAZ) 50.86
4. Junrey Bano  (PHI) 51.84
5. Yevganiy Meleshenko (KAZ) 52.17

Long Jump
1. Supanara Sukhasvasti Ayudhaya (THA) 7.76 ,0.0
2. Mohammad Arzandeh (IRI) 7.74 ,0.1
3. Konstantin Safronov (KAZ) 7.72 ,0.2
4. Mamoru Niimura (JPN) 7.55, 0.3
5. Henri Dagmil (PHI) 7.51, 0.0

Shot Put 
1. Ivan Ivanov (KAZ) 18.46
2. Mehrsafootizanjanigar Alireza (IRI) 18.42
3. Yohei Murakawa (JPN) 18.33
4. Oleg Istominov (KAZ) 17.60
5. Satoshi Hatase (JPN) 17.55

100 Metres (+0.8)
1. Olga Bludova (KAZ) 11.26
2. Anastassiya Tulapina (KAZ) 11.60
3. Vu Thi Huong (VIE) 11.70
4. Izabella Metlitskaya (KAZ) 11.85
5. Arina Maslyuk (KAZ) 11.87
6. Fong Yee Pui (HKG) 11.94

400 Metres
1. Viktoriya Zyabkina (KAZ) 51.67
2. Marina Maslenko (KAZ) 53.32
3. Maryam Toosi (IRI) 53.65
4. Natalya Tukova (KAZ) 54.26
5. Margarita Kudinova (KAZ) 54.59

800 Metres 
1. Margarita Mukasheva (KAZ) 2:00.48
2. Truong Thanh Hang (VIE) 2:01.70
3. Tintu Luka (IND) 2:01.71
4. Do Thi Thao (VIE) 2:07.25
5. Tatyana Neroznak (KAZ) 2:12.62

400m Hurdles 
1. Tatyana Azarova (KAZ) 55.71
2. Alexandra Kuzina (KAZ) 56.26
3. Ghofran Mohammed (SYR) 58.44
4. Liliya Bazyaruk (KAZ) 59.85
5. Svatlana Zagorodneva KAZ) 59.86

High Jump 
1. Marina Aitova (KAZ) 1.95
2. Duong Thi Viet Anh (VIE) 1.92
3. Wanida Boonwwan (THA) 1.89
4. Nadiya Dusanova (UZB) 1.85
5. Sahana Kumari (IND) 1.85

Triple Jump 
1. Olga Rypakova (KAZ) 14.49 , 0.0
2. Irina Ektova (KAZ) 14.29 ,0.3
3. Lyudmila Grankovskaya (KAZ) 13.63 ,0.4
4. Noor Amira Mohd Nafiah (MAS) 13.40, 0.5
5. Tran Hue Hoa (VIE) 13.28, 0.5

First three at Day 2 (01.07.2012)

1500 Metres
1. Sandeep Singh (IND) 3:51.66
2. Artem Kossinov (KAZ) 3:51.73
3. Hiroshi Ino (JPN) 3:53.23
4. Artik Ramazanov (UZB) 3:54.72
5. Merbin Guarte (PHI) 3:55.85

110m Hurdles
1. Asgar Rohollau (IRI) 13.50 NR
2. Semenov Denis (KAZ) 13.59
3. Martiynov Aleksey (RUS) 14.44

High Jump
1. Vitaliy Tsykunov (KAZ) 2.22
2. Sergey Zassimovich (KAZ) 2.22
3. Kumara W.P. Manjula (SRI) 2.22
4= Majed Eldein Ghazal (SYR) 2.18
4= Anton Bodnar (KAZ) 2.18

Triple Jump
1. Roman Valiyev (KAZ) 16.70, 0.5
2. Arpinder Singh (IND) 16.31, 0.1
3. Yuma Okabe (JPN)  16.11, 0.0
4. Yevgeniy Kleyev (KAZ) 16.05
5, Andrey Reznichenko (UZB) 15.75, 0.4

100m Hurdles
1. Natalya Ivoniskaya (KAZ) 13.09
2. Anatassiya Pilipenko (KAZ) 13.19
3. Dedeh Erawati (INA) 13.20
4. Anastasiya Soprunova (KAZ) 13.44
5. Mami Ishino (JPN) 13.70

Results courtesy of Asian Athletics Association


4th ASEAN Schools Games, Surabaya 2012 - Results

The 4th edition of ASEAN Schools Games is underway since 28th of June (until 6th July) at SURABAYA, East Java, Indonesia. All Southeast Asian countries are taking part in these annual multi-sports event.

Indonesia's Sapwaturrahman became the fastest in this edition after winning the male's sprint century in 10.57s. He beats Malaysians Harith Ammar Sobri (10.66) and Nixson Kennedy (10.81) insecond and third positions respectively. These three sprinters had recorded their personal bests.

Meanwhile Thailand's Supawan Thipat takes the girls title in a time of 11.86s. Vietnamese Nguyen Thi Oanh was in second in 12.06, while teammate Nguyen Thi Hong Phuong third in 12.12

Partial results as follows;


100 Metres (wind speed: ??)
1. Sapwaturrahman (Ina) 10.57
2. Harith Ammar Sobri (Mas) 10.66
3. Nixson Kennedy (Mas) 10.81

400 Metres
1. Hoang Van Duy (Vie) 48.61
2. Kwong Kar Jun (Mas) 48.82
3. Treenate K (Tha) 48.36

800m Metres
1. Jeventhiran s/o Victor (Mas) 1:54.97
2. Hadi Nur Ehsan (Ina) 1:56.62
3. Tuwanon Thoncat (Tha) 1:57.43

110m Hurdles / 0.99m
1. Alif Shraf Mohd Razali (Mas) 14.24
2. Agus Hari Kusuma (Ina) 14.72
3. Somyot Kongsuwan  (Tha) 14.80

High Jump
1. Mohd Azly Ghazali (Mas) 2.10
2. Nguyen Huy Thai (Vie) 2.07
3. Pornanan Chaiyo (Tha) 1.98

Long Jump
1. Noval (Ina) 7.15
2. Luqman Hakim Ramlan (Mas) 6.98
3. Julian Reem Fuentes (Phi) 6.96

Shot Put / 6kg
1. Thawat Khachin (Tha) 17.12
2. Narta Hany Sugara (Ina) 15.97
3. Ong Chin Yong (Mas) 15.41

Hammer Throw / 6kg ??
1. Michael Sia Sung Dak (Mas) 62.30
2. Peerapon Chidpo (Tha) 58.81
3. Kresno Setyo Nughoro (Ina) 51.37

100 Metres
1. Supawan Thipat (Tha) 11.86
2. Nguyen Thi Oanh (Vie) 12.06
3. Nguyen Thi Hong Phuong (Vie) 12.12

400 Metres
1. Quach Thi Lan (Vie) 54.83
2. Fathin Faqihah Mohd Yusuf (Mas) 58.39
3. Supansa Urasai (Tha) 58.64

800 Metres
1. Vu Thi Ly (Vie) 2:15.59
2. Aprilia Kartina (Ina) 2:16.57
3. Nik Norzilawati Nik Wil (Mas) 2:18.16

100m Hurdles 
1.Nur Amanina Tugimin (Mas) 14.85
2. Ken Ayuthaya (Ina) 14.90
3.Nur Syafiqah Alis Abu Bakar (Mas) 15.31

High Jump
1. Nguyen Thi Hoai Nhi (Vie) 1.72m
2. Shandyani d/o Mahendran (Mas) 1.69m
3. Nadia Anggraini (Ina) 1.66

Shot Put
1. Thatphicha J (Tha) 11.96
2. Panwat Gimsrang (Tha) 11.41
3. Ni Putu Yogiswari (Ina) 11.25

Hammer Throw
1. Panwat Gimsrang (Tha) 45.83
2. Masitha Hatta (Ina) 44.29
3. Tiong Mee Yen (Mas) 37.90

Javelin Throw
1. Jariya Wichaidit (Tha) 43.30
2. Lo Thi Phien 40.63
3. Fitria Abjan 40.22



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