26th Mt Kinabalu Climbathon 2012 - Results and Statistical Facts

>> October 16, 2012

Ranau,  14 October 2012,   “26th Mount Kinabalu International Climbathon 2012”
-skyrunning = mountain running,  over 600 runners participated in the annual event which as part of Skyrunner World series - World’s major event organized by International Skyrunning Federation, held at Kinabalu National Park in Ranau Sabah,  prize money as stated (total RM 88k),  top results as follows;
Open,  (1-20 in RM): 8k-6k-5k-3k-2k-1k-900-800-700-600;  (11-20 in RM): 300 each;
1.Kilian Jornet (ESP) 2:11:45,  2.Aite Tamang (NEP) 2:13:11,  3.Miyahara Toru (JPN) 2:15:14, 4.Tom Owens (GBR) 2:16:07,  5.Luis Alberto Hernando Alzaga (ESP) 2:17:25,  6.Hom Lal Shrestha (NEP) 2:20:43,  7.Mohammed Temam Husien (ETH) 2:22:16,  8.Dani Tristany Cara (ESP) 2:23:09,  9.Eric Diaz (ESP) 2:25:03,  10.Matsumoto Dai (JPN) 2:26:52,  11.Kondo Yoshito (JPN) 2:30:55,  12.Fabian Osmond Daimon (MAS) 2:32:12,  13.Safrey Sumping (MAS) 2:34:17,  14.Daved Simpat (MAS) 2:35:56,  15.Josiah Ballagan (PHI) 2:38:23,  16.Ruston Masri 2:39:25,  17.Misaizu Osamu (JPN) 2:40:47,  18.Zachary Thomas (USA) 2:41.17,  19.Negash Beyene Mogese (ETH) 2:42:20,  20.Safree Sabdin (MAS) 2:44:09;
Veteran,  (1-20 in RM):  4k-3k-2k-1k-900-800-700-600-500-400;
1.Guinus Salagan (MAS) 2:40:19,  2.Yusof Sumbad (MAS) 2:40:43,  3.Madamin Ghun (MAS) 2:55:02,  4.Setibin Kelaward (MAS) 2:55:32,  5.Mius Belinting (MAS) 2:56:45,  6.Suhaipin Surin (MAS) 3:02:53,  7.Muto Naoichiro (JPN) 3:03:37,  8.Painol Saliun (MAS) 3:04:06,  9.Sarun Sadi (MAS) 3:04:39,  10.Jennius Lambayad (MAS) 3:04:43;
Open,  (1-20 in RM): 8k-6k-5k-3k-2k-1k-900-800-700-600;  (11-20 in RM): 300 each;
1.Emelie Forsberg (SWE) 2:38:35,  2.Maria Blanca Serrano (ESP) 2:40:04,  3.Nuria Picas Albets (ESP) 2:43:50,  4.Nuria Dominiguez (ESP) 2:52:25,  5.Silvia Serafini (ITA) 2:53:47,  6.Santayeu Geachew Gebremedhin (ETH) 3:00:14,  7.Danny Kuilin Gongot (MAS) 3:17:03,  8.Meseret Ali Basa (ETH) 3:23:00,  9.Ahineh Dainin (MAS) 3:30.39,  10.Muidah Bolinting (MAS) 3:34:13,  11.Olga Risbourg (FRA) 4:02:29,  12.Legrain Fleur Comelie Graciette (FRA) 4:08:14,  13.Amelia Monica Uhen (MAS) 4:24:50,  14.Judy Liew Ye Ling (MAS) 4:41:22,  15.Sabina Sani (MAS) 4:46:10;
Veteran,  (1-20 in RM):  4k-3k-2k-1k-900-800-700-600-500-400;
1.Deborah Chinn (MAS) 3:30:26,  2.Kona Lydia Liau A Ken (MAS) 3:35:30,  3.Somilin Longik (MAS) 3:50:27,  4.Yeung Mei Lun Melissa (MAS) 4:04:10,  5.Marcela Helena Linares Cepeda (COL) 4:13:58,  6.Merlita Arias Dunkin (MAS) 4:24:22,  7.Saniai Longkis (MAS) 2:25:57,  8.Dasidah Satin (MAS) 4:35:30,  9.Lee Len Tai (MAS) 4:37:25,  10.Poon Kwan Hee (MAS) 4:37:25;
Further remarks and statistical facts;
-NEW course/route introduced in this edition, covers the distance of 23km, including to ‘layang-layang’ which is at 2,760m altitude as the highest point;
-IN the past 25 years (1987-2011), the Climbathon course included 4,095m summit and covered 21km distance, but ended last year to make a way for this new course = ‘adventure trail’ (although most runners expressed dissatisfaction to this new route, because... 1) did not reach summit,  2.too technical and not very challenging !! ... according to top runners;
-FOR 10th consecutive year, these climbathon has been part of the World Skyrunner Series MAIN RACES (out of only five selected venues/races in the World this year);
-IS the final race of the “World Skyrunner Series (main races)”, the 1st four races held in ESP, ITA, SWI, and USA;
-KILLIAN Jornet became the champion of Skyrunner World series for the 4th time following the win here (which is his 3rd consecutive win), while Emelie Forsberg won Skyrunner World series for the 1st time;
-RACE first held in 1987 with a goal of "train people to fast rescue" because helicopter “could not operate” during bad weather;
-RACE director of the event- Datuk Balwant Singh Kler, who is an ATFS statistician, and was the official statistician for the Asian AA (before Heinrich Hubbeling);
-GUAINUS Salagan of Sabah (MAS) won his 10th title of Mt Kinabalu Climbathon; winning Malaysian Category in 1988, 1989 & 1990;  then he won Open Category in 1994, 1995, & 1996;  then Veteran Category in 2008, 2009, 2010 & 2012 (finished 3rd in 2011 hampered by injury);

by Jad Adrian (ATFS & ARRS Statistician)

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