Soviet Scientist Yuri Verkhoshansky Passed Away

>> July 15, 2010

Yuri Verkhoshansky (supertraining)
It is with great sadness to learn one of the greatest sports scientists Yuri Vekhoshansky had passed away. He was 82 when he died on 26th June 2010 at Rome, Italy.

Verkhoshansky involved in sports since 1950's where he became a track and field coach, mainly in sprints and high jump. He was one of the first to use barbell weight training (systematically) in coaching. As a young coach he was a great fan of the Soviet scientist Dr Vladimir Dyachkov (1904-1981) who was the most successful high jump coach in the World at the time.

He trained many high-level track and field athletes who were successful at the European level and also competed at the Olympic games. His sprinter Boriz Yuboz ran 10.3 and 20.9 at 100m and 200m, respectively in 1964.

The first of his scientific achievements was the discovery of a Special Strength Training method called "Conjugate Sequence System" in 1960's, an advanced training method that was different from Dyachko's Conjugated System from early 1960's. Vladimir Issurin would popularizes the CSS later with a name of Block Periodization. Verkhoshansky also widely regarded as the father of "Shock Method", later called plyometrics by Fred Wilt (1920-1994) who introduced the method to the West.

He continued his career with his research and consultancy jobs in 1970's. He would later discover the Long Term Delayed Training Effects and Concentrated Loading System in late 1970's. The discoveries would keep coaches to remain competitive with the rest of the World, but unfortunately they (coaches) would also use his training concepts with doping practices due to an extreme increased of training volume.

Verkhoshansky had been helped by an American biomechanist and training expert, Dr Michael Yessis who speaks Russians, and regarded by Verkhoshansky as most trusted person outside of Soviet Union in terms of Soviet Training System. From here, he managed to publish many articles and books in English, including the "Supertraining" (with Mel Siff), the greatest training book ever produced!

He had been a scientific consultant for the National Olympic Committee for Italy, where he contributed significantly to the development of Italian sport. He authored more than 500 scientific publications, and his works had been translated into 22 foreign languages and published in 29 countries. He was recognized as one of the greatest experts in the Theory and Methodology of Sports Training.

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