Asian Athletics Records and Leaders before Olympics

>> July 21, 2012

My German friend Heinrich Hubbeling, track and field statistician for IAAF and Asian AA wrote the following;

Dear friend,

thanks for your infos during last days.

Please find attached updated files (as per today / after the DL-Meeting at Monaco) with Asian Continental Records and 2012 Leaders for your website. The same files were forwarded to the ASIAN AA and to Rahul Pawar for enclosure to the (once again VIRUS-effected) AsianAthletics-website.

These records should be surely the final rankings in time before the Olympic Games, since MONACO was the last major competition worldwide before the Games.

This is for your kind information.

 Therefore, click here to download the 10-page file and you have the information of;
1) ASIAN Athletics Complete Records (as at 21 July 2012)
2) ASIAN Athletics Senior Leaders (as at 21 July 2012)
3) ASIAN Athletics Junior Leaders (as at 21 July 2012)

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