Road Race in Malaysia: Foreign Runners, Sanction, Course Measurement

>> December 28, 2014

     The main aim of these brief notes is to convey some important information concerning road races in Malaysia, so you (runners and organisers) have another perspective or rough idea about your sport (in general) during these years in Malaysia. 

  • Cases of using other individual’s identity or specifically running in someone else bib involving foreign runners (mostly if not all from Kenya) are now increasing.
  • Recently, top ranked runners in Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon (2014) had been disqualified due to this reason. But similar cases also occurred (but not limited to) during the Penang Bridge International Marathon, and the Kuching International Marathon.
  • Several causes to this are concerned with “age category”, “group category”, and “events that require runners to have a valid working permit”.
  • Not surprisingly that many (local) runners have expressed their upsets on the social media and as well in their websites.
  • Meanwhile, not forgetting about the facts that many road races that organised by various organisations did not supported and sanctioned by the governing body, therefore not mandated by IAAF/MAF rules.
  • In addition, the measurement of road race course is another growing big crisis lately. Around 80-90% of road races were not measured appropriately, especially the ‘10km’ and ‘half marathon’ routes. ‘Interestingly’ several are those that are authorised by state associations.
  • As you are not aware, "sanction" does not means "certified". Length of a course has nothing to do with sanction. But you need both. So don't confused.
  • Kindly note that route measurement by car or motorbike may results in ~3-7% shorter than full distance.
  • Due to this, many results may not be considered in official purposes including the records and ranking lists.
  • This information is for those concerned with this.

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