ASIAN Athletics 2014 Rankings by Heinrich Hubbeling

>> June 14, 2015

 ASIAN Athletics

  2 0 1 4    R a n k i n g s

  compiled by/orders to: 
   Heinrich  Hubbeling,
     Haaksbergener Str  25, 
  48691 Vreden / GERMANY
             or by E-Mail:

97 pages including
-TOP 30 lists 2014
 + detailed lists for additional best performers from countries other than CHN or JPN
    (up to best 4 per country for each event)
 + all national records set during the 2014 season
-ASIAN Continental records as at 31.12.2014 (Seniors/Juniors / Outdoors and Seniors / Indoors)
-ASIAN athletes in world ranking lists 2014 (survey)
-additions/corrections to ASIAN Athletics 2013 Rankings

Available by payment in advance to the compiler at

-EURO 15 (in Germany) or EUR 20/USD 30 (to other European countries & by surface
 mail to countries outside of Europe) by payment
  -in cash (per letter) in EURO, USD or equivalent in other currencies    or
  -by International Money Order ( IMO );
-for payments by cheque (drawn on banks outside of Germany)  EUR 5 have to be added due to
 the very high bank charges

N.B.: -a few copies of the editions for the seasons 1998; 2005; 2006; 2007; 2008; 2009;
            2011; 2012 and 2013 are still available at  EURO 15 or USD 22 per copy;
           all other Yearbooks are sold out.
           In addition a few copies of the “ASIAN Athletics All-Time Rankings as at 31.12.2000”-
           Book are still available against reduced payment of EURO 15/USD 22

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