Results Melaka Open Track and Field Meet 2015

>> June 28, 2015

Melaka, 13-14 Jun 2015 “Melaka Open Track and Field Championships”
-state championships; hand-timed; wind-reading not reported; relay composition not reported; underweight implements in junior throwing events; selected results as follows;

100m (14): Mohd Aiedel Sa’adon 10.8h

200m (13): Kannathasan Subramaniam 22.0h

400m (13): Mohamad Emyrul Haziq Borhan 50.7h

S P (13): Mohamad Alif Hanif Mohd Affendi 13.83, 2. Goh Wei Kiang 13.03, 3. Mohd Ikbal Kamarudin 11.73;

D T (13): Mohd Ikbal Kamaruddin 38.53, 2. Mohamad Alif Hanif Affendi 36.71;

100m (14)/nwi: Khairul Hafiz Jantan 10.6h, 2. Asnawi Hashim 10.7h, 3. Muhammad Haikal Hanafi 10.8h, 4. Mohd Nazreen Izat Che Hassan 11.0h;

-semis: S1/nwi: 1s1 Asnawi Hashim 10.7h, 2s1 Mohd Hazreen Izat Che Hassan 10.9h, 3s1 Muhammad Haikal Haanafi 11.1h;
 S2/nwi: 1s2 Khairul Hafiz Jantan 10.4h, 2s2 Muhammad Hazwan Abdul Ghalib 10.9h;

-heats: H1/nwi: 1h1 Asnawi hashim 10.7h, 2h1 Muhammad Hazwan Abdul Ghalib 11.0h;
H2/nwi: 1h2 Khairul Hafiz Jantan 10.8h;
H5/nwi: 1h5 Mohd Nazreen Izat Che Hassan 11.1h;

200m (13)/nwi: Khairul Hafiz Jantan 21.0h/doubtful-timing, 2. Asnawi Hashim 21.8h, 3. Muhammad Haikal Hanafi 22.1h, 4. Muhammad Hazwan Abdul Ghalib 22.1h, 5. Mohd Nazreen Izat Che Hassan 22.1h, 6. Muhammad Aidel Sa-adon 22.6h;

-heats H1/nwi: 1h1 Mohd Nazreen Izat Che Hassan 22.2h, 2h1 Muhammad Hazwan Abdul Ghalib 22.6h;
H2/nwi: 1h2 Muhammad Haikal Hanafi 22.5h;
H3/nwi: 1h3 Khairul Hafiz Jantan 21.4h, 2h3 Muhammad Aiedel Sa’Adon 22.7h;
 H4/nwi: 1h4 Asnawi Hashim 22.1h;

110mh (14): Mohamad Emyrul Haziq Borhan 15.1h;

4x100m (13): SSTMI Team (?,?,?,?) 42.00

D T/1.5kg (13): Muhammad Azizi Mazlan 36.16;

100m (14): Lau Kah Lin 12.3h

S P (13): Nur Saiyidah Ramli 11.09

D T (13): Nur Atiqah Sufiah (Joh) 30.38

J T (14): Fatin Nur Shahiera Che Rahim 37.28, 2. Siti Aisyah Nora Rahis 34.61, 3. Fatin Adibah Suharman 32.03;

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