Vietnamese Quach Cong Lich runs 45.99s at 400m

>> June 29, 2015

Quach Cong Lich became the first Vietnamese to run the quarter-mile event in less than 46 seconds. He clocked a new national record time of 45.99s to win the third leg of ASIAN Grand Prix at Chanthaburi, Thailand today (29 June 2015).

His previous national record 46.02s was set en-route to win silver medal at 28th SEA Games, at Singapore recently, where he also clinched silver medal from the 400m hurdles (50.29s).

For a record, his time is the second fastest of Southeast Asia after the Philippines' Isidro Del Prado who registered 45.57s at Manila in 1984.

Quach Cong Lich, Nguyen Thi Huyen (top right), Quach Thi Lan (bottom right)
What makes this feat more fascinating is that his girlfriend, Nguyen Thi Huyen (top right) has also won the women's category with a time of 52.41s which is another gold for her after taking first spot (52.27s) during the 2nd leg at Pathumthani a few days ago.

In the recent SEA Games, Thi Huyen has bagged three gold medals home from the 400m (52.00s), 400m hurdles (56.15s), and 4x400m. She also set a record for being the first Vietnamese to qualify for the 2015 World championships and the 2016 Rio Olympic Games in two individual events.

To further highlight the geatness of Vietnamese Athletics, particularly "this family", his younger sister Quach Thi Lan (bottom right) also performed well in the recent SEA Games by winning silver medal at 400m and gold at 4x400m.

In addition, Thi Lan also won silver medal at 400m (52.06s) during the 2014 ASIAN Games in Guangzhou, where she was defeated only by a Nigerian-born Bahrain runner.

Men's 400m (summary)
1. Quach Cong Lich VIE 45.99
2. Arokya Rajiv IND 46.07
3. Hashemiahangari Sajjad IRI 46.39
4. Zamani Mahdi IRI 46.60
5. Kumarage Hewa SRI 47.11
6. Archand Christian Bagsit PHI 47.56
7. Edgardo Alejan PHI 47.65
8. Sergey Zaikov KAZ 47.79

Women's 400m (summary)
1. Nguyen Thi Huyen VIE 52.41
2. Poovamma Machithra IND 52.60
3. Rakhmanova KAZ 52.99
4. Quach Thi Lan VIE 53.16
5. Anilda Thomas IND 54.24
6. Elina Mikhina KAZ 54.40
7. Huang Yan CHN 55.25
8. Yang Sijia CHN 59.83

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