Malaysian Athletics Results 2015

>> March 05, 2015

~by Jad Adrian, ATFS statistician for Malaysia Athletic Federation      

The Malaysian Athletics Results contains summary of results of all track and field athletics events including the cross country and mountain running from Malaysia, plus all best Malaysian results achieved worldwide. This E-Newsletter notifies all the New Records (NR, NJR, NYR), and other important statistical remarks and facts. For reference purposes, year of birth for junior athletes (or full date of birth for ‘new comers’ (where available)) are also reported. Since 2011, 10 to 12 newsletter produced in a year, and distributed to stakeholders by email. Cut-off marks (limit) for inclusion in the newsletter are as follows (for seniors):


100m 10.9h/11.20; 200m 22.6h/22.89; 400m 50.8h 50.99; 800m 2:02.0; 1500m 4:21.0; 5000m 17:10; 10000m 38:00; HMar 1h:24; Mar 3h:08; 3000mSt 10:40; 110mH 16.4h/16.69; 400mH 57.9h/57.99; HJ 1.87; PV 3.00; LJ 6.70; TJ 13.80; SP 11.40; DT 33.50; HT 30.00; JT 49.00; Dec 3500; 5000mW 25:00; 10000mW 53:00; 20kmW 1h:55;  


100m 12.7h/12.99; 200m 26.7h/26.99; 400m 61.8h 61.99; 800m 2:33; 1500m 5:25; 5000m 22:59; 10000m 55:00; HMar 1h:50; Mar 4h:02; 3000mSt 16:00; 100mH 16.7h/16.99; 400mH 72.9; HJ 1.50; PV N/L; LJ 5.00; TJ 10.60; SP 9.00; DT 30.00; HT 27.00; JT 30.00; Hep 2000; 5000mW 31:00; 10000mW 1h:12; 20kmW 2h:20;   

For junior and youths however, the cut-off marks are lower than above. All readers are kindly invited to send relevant results (in softcopy, .doc/pdf/excel) to compiler by email ( or by mailing/correspondent address (please ask) when only hardcopy (paper format) is available with you. Contributors will be noted in the “acknowledgments section.”

Important general notes: 
Results.  All results in these newsletters are for documentation purposes only, thus sometimes they might include results from those events without sanctions. This is because the complete and comprehensive documentation is essential for current and future reference.   
Ranking lists.  The whole contents for rankings or annual reports are based on these newsletters, and not the official results. This is because many of official results did not carry accurate and enough information. Moreover, these reports include corrections and additions to the official results, therefore gives more precise statistics.

Records. No records will automatically be accepted, despite being reported as the New Record in these newsletters. All the new records are to be further investigated and then reported in separate (special) file or in the final annual report.

Sanction.  IAAF rules apply before acceptance for records and rankings; therefore, events must be sanctioned by relevant governing body or its affiliates, e.g. national and state associations.  

Additions, corrections and information.  Cooperation from all stakeholders is highly crucial and needed. When you spot errors or have other important information (e.g. name’s spelling, timing, distance, performance, date of birth, auto-timing malfunction, wind-speed information, unqualified official, age or performance cheating etc.), kindly contact me by email (above), Facebook message, WhatsApp, text message, or call me directly at +6013 3200 232 to communicate the info.  Several coaches and fans have done it in the previous years and I’m very appreciative with all the efforts and contribution. All helps are very much appreciated.

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